Wearing Nappies

Always good to hear from others who enjoy their nappies and plastic pants. I wear them because I love the feel and sight of a lovely fluffy terry nappy under soft crinkly plastic pants. I find that  the texture of plastic pants is extremely important it mustn’t be too thick or too thin but soft with a lovely crinkly rustle and see through so that I can see the lovely nappy underneath. They don’t have to be completely clear as I love coloured plastic pants too, my favourite colour being pink. I have loved wearing nappies since childhood and do so for enjoyment rather than necessity. I know how difficult it can be worrying about what others may think but this is an activity which harms no one and perhaps we should all be more open about wearing them for either pleasure or necessity. What do you think.  I would love to hear from you to share experiences and hopefully become good nappy friends; I can be contacted direct at edenisparsons@aol.com.

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I lay thinking of what was ahead in the morning, good bit was more gas, I hoped it would be Liz again, but what I was having done was very worrying, Nappies are fun and sexy when you have the choice, but I could foresee them getting old news very quick every single day and night too.
I was trying to imagine what having a hole in my side and a catheter sticking of of it.
That has got to be uncomfortable, I didn't think I knew enough about how that would work, but it seemed for now I'd have no choice in the matter.
I was thinking about having to go to school in nappies, that would not be any fun at all.
A young nurse with her long hair tied up came in and had a quick look at me.
Good grief! That's a sad looking face, you must be John, I'm Sam.
Hello Sam, I said I was just thinking, not very pleasant thoughts either.
I see, Sam said, Do you want to talk about it?

Sam brought the seat Mum had been using and sat beside the bed.
Sam was very pretty, she had blue eyes and long blonde hair, very small but nice face that had a nice smile.
She was tall but quite slim too.

Can we start at the beginning? Sam said.
I looked at her and said. beginning?
Yes, what happened, how did you end up in that condition?
I went red, I could feel it spreading across my face.

If you would rather not say, I'm fine with that too, Sam said.
It's just I've been reading your notes and the bits Jane told me and it makes a rather confusing story.
Sam said.

I said it's quite a long story and might take some telling.
That's OK, we have all night and I'm not here to judge you or scold you, nor will it go any further than between you and I. Sam said.

I began at the beginning when I first tried on one of my brothers nappies and told just about everything right up to coming in here that morning.

Sam just listened and said nothing, but her smile kept me going when I was getting embarrassed.
When I was finished Sam nodded her head.

Why did you first try that nappy on? She asked.
I suppose I was curious and as they had always been around the house I don't really know.
Do you know what it's called when people have a sexual attraction to things like clothing and other objects? Sam said.
I shook my head.
It's called a fetish, more people that would own up to it have them, for all sorts of different things. Sam said. And they are nothing to be ashamed of.
You seem to have picked nappies and plastic pants, not that common, so people pick rubber, or girls clothing or underwear, but it can be all sorts of things.
They don't tend to fade either, if your into nappies now and it gets wrapped up in your sexual desires, so you'll go through life always wanting to wear and use them.
It's not disastrous, just might take a bit of explaining to your new girlfriends. Sam said.

What if I do end up incontinent? I asked.
Well it could happen, but it's not definite yet, lets get to that if it happens.
It's not the end of the world you know, thousand of people live reasonably normal lives with incontinence, they just had different underwear and learn to cope.
There are far worse things you could have to deal with, I can assure you.

I noticed that you gave great details of the anaesthetic, you had, is that another fetish? Sam asked.
It might be, I've had lots of them, everyone else seems to hate them, but I actually enjoy having them. I said.
Why? Sam asked.
I thought about that for a few minutes.
I like the waiting for it to begin, looking at the equipment, getting the first sniff of the gas from the soft rubber mask, the rubber smell and the sweet gas, then the effects as it makes you all soft and dreamy, then actually falling under. I said.

That's a difficult one, how do you recreate that out with the medical setting? Sam said. I mean it's not the sort of stuff you have lying around at home. Sam said.

I suppose you need the medical training to give gas and of course the equipment. I said.
You suppose right, it's a dangerous thing even in the medical setting, things can and do often go wrong, with serious consequences, anaesthesia is actually a chemically induced coma.
You need specialist care while receiving it.
They give it to children in dentist's surgeries for ease, often when it's not really warranted, it's only recently that they must use a trained Anaesthetist to administer it, it often used to be dental assistants that gave the gas, and there is far more equipment and know how in any hospital that a Dentist's in case anything does go wrong, Sam said.
I'm not decrying you because you like it, just explaining that it can and does go wrong sometimes.
Sam said.

I had been sipping at the water that Jane left me and had almost emptied the jug.
Sam said I have to go and get some stuff for you, do you want some fresh water and ice while I'm there?
Yes please, I said.

Sam soon returned pushing a small trolley, There was a big thick stack of nappies, some more pants and a meal tray with something covered in it and pot of nappy cream and the water jug.

I need to take your temperature and blood pressure for your chart.
Sam placed the thermometer in my mouth and wound the cuff around my arm then started pumping the cuff up.
After she removed the thermometer and marked the chart she said, you blood pressure has gone up slightly, but nothing serious.
Must be the sight of that trolley I said trying to see what was in the tray.
How wet do you think that nappy is? Sam asked.
Wet but not soaked , I replied.
Lets see, Sam said.

She took a rubber covered sheet off the trolley and asked me to lift up, as she slid it under me she worked the rubber pants off the nappy.
It definitely was a lot wetter that I thought it was, Sam unpinned it and said, there is still a bit of blood in there, She pulled the nappy out the way and got a wash cloth from a bowl on the shelf under the trolley, carefully she washed all around the nappy area, then carefully dried it.
She carefully inspected all over, I'm looking for any redness or signs of nappy rash. She said.
Taking a fresh nappy off the pile she folded it and placed it under me then applied lots of fresh cream, working it well in to everywhere.
Then she picked a syringe out of the dish, You can guess where this is going? Sam said.
I winced.
You should not feel it, Sam said gently taking my white creamed penis in her hand.
Look away and tell me when it's in Sam said.
Just give me a few seconds to get it sorted, Sam said.
I waited for Sam to say she was ready when she said that's it, sorted.
She was correct, I didn't feel a thing.
She pulled the nappy up got it straight then pinned it snugly.
Then a fresh pair of rubber pants were placed over the nappy.
There, that will keep you comfortable for a couple of hours, Sam said.

Can you think of something you would like to eat? Sam said.
Not really, can you suggest anything, I am rather hungry. I replied.
What about a plate of sandwiches and a drink, to tide you over, Sam said.
I thought for a moment and said Do you think ham and cheese would be pushing things?
I shouldn’t think so, I think we could manage those, what to drink?
Milk, please I said.
OK , let me take this trolley back and I'll right along to the kitchen and see what happens. Sam said.
She took the other two folded nappies and the fresh pants off the shelf and put them on the cabinet next to my bed. She also left the nappy cream.

Sam looked at me and said plastic or rubber pants?
What? I replied.
Which do you prefer, plastic or rubber pants? Sam repeated.
I'm not that keen on these I have on now they are kind of sticky and don't slide over the bedding but tend to drag it when you move.
I see Sam said.
Oh and they don't have that slippery feel plastic does. I added.
Hospitals have always used rubber ones, They use rubber sheets too, I wonder if it's because the last longer, Sam said.
She then disappeared pushing the trolley.
I was thinking about my new nappies and plastic pants that had been ordered and hoped that they were comfortable to wear as I'd probably be spending a lot of time in them.
Then I diverted my thoughts back to the thought of having gas again tomorrow, I hoped it would be Liz again and not some old bloke.
I felt a little twinge of excitement inside, but noticed that there was no stirrings in the nappy area.
It was already asleep I thought.
I did begin to wonder if this would be a permanent thing, i.e.- no more erections. And wondered if I dare ask Sam about this.

Sam returned and said, You sandwiches should be here shortly.
I have a question, I said.
Have you? Sam said. Lets hear it then.
Usually when I think about certain things I get hard down there, but it's not happening. I said.
I see, are you worried about it? Sam said.
Well yes will this be permanent? I asked.
I think you will find that it's that anaesthetic that is causing that, it numbs the nerves so you can't feel the pain so it won't get stiff. Sam said. I'm sure it will come back to normal when they stop the drugs.
OK, I said, was just wondering, I added.

Have you a girlfriend? Sam asked.
No, I said.
Anyone at school you like? Sam said.
I've never really thought about girls as girlfriends yet, I said.
How old are you? Sam said
Nearly 15 I said.
Your a bit of a late starter you know.
In your story you said it was only recently that you started ************. Sam said.
I nodded getting red again, I didn't think about it till I first wore the nappy, I was just playing round and started rubbing it in the nappy and it felt good but strange, then well it sort of fired by itself.
Sam nodded, Did you know what had happened?
Not then, I didn't I thought I'd done myself harm, I said.

Sam said, I was a dental nurse for a few years before I trained to be a hospital nurse, and I would often assist on gas days and the things I seen then always made me wonder.
What like? I asked.
Well little boys with their penis sticking straight out the top of their pants when they were getting put to sleep and girls leaving little damp patches on the chair.
Lot's of them were very turned on by getting gas, even though they were often terrified, I mean so scared they could hardly breathe properly.
Some would wet themselves as they went under others would wet while they were under. Sam explained.
I usually wet while I'm under, I said.
Right, Every time? Sam asked.
I nodded, I always wore a nappy when I was getting gas, I replied.
Did you not object to wearing them then? Sam asked.
Not after I soaked myself the first time I had gas. I replied.
I always like getting gas and the nappies made it OK, so I just wore them.

I only had gas at the dentist's once, Sam said I didn't like it at all, It had a horrible smell, like old shoes, I felt like I was suffocating, then the smell got worse and my whole body felt like it was buzzing, when I eventually fell under I had the most horrific nightmares, I woke up crying my eyes out. Sam said.
Then had nightmares about the experience for days after. Sam added. And all for one filling!

I don't really have dreams, when I'm under, except the very first time, I dreamt I was taken to the toilet again and had to stand there with the nurse waiting till I had a pee. I said.
That was unfortunate, but that how the gas seems to mess around with brains and thoughts.
I had a young lad at the dentist wake up saying it was not me I would never ever do anything like that, he was very nearly hysterical, it took nearly 20 minutes to calm him down and eventually he said that he dreamed that he had strangled his school friend to death!
He took some convincing that it was all just a gas produced dream. Sam said.

Some people get over Anaesthetics quickly with no problems and other don't recover for a few days and have all sorts of symptoms, usually delirium, nausea, or funnily enough some can't pass urine after anaesthesia.
I was looking after an old lady who had a big operation last week and before she was conscious she kept repeating over and over again, Oh no, I've lost my Foo, Foo, it's gone I can't find it anywhere.
Later on I asked her what a Foo Foo was, and she rather shyly said it was the mask with the lovely gas.

That's quite Strange, because usually when I am coming round I could just do with the mask back on my face and put under again, I said, it just feels like what should happen. I said.
Never mind, you'll be getting some more gas tomorrow. Sam said. I hope you enjoy it. Sam said.
I hope it's Liz that does it again, I said.
It most likely will be she is our resident Anaesthetist, has been for the last six months, Why do you want it to be her.
Liz and I had a long chat today about going under and I said she put me under too quickly. I said.
You didn't? Sam said laughing.
I did, I only got two breathes and I was under. I said.
That's the best way to go under, Sam said. I've seen Liz with nervous kids and she is great, always takes her time and usually gets them under without tears and tantrums, not an easy thing to do with frightened children.
So you are telling me you prefer hanging around for ages having all those strange feelings and the gas getting slowly stronger, till you eventually go under. Sam said.
I can usually count to six at the dentist's I said.
Sam laughed, Is that why you were upset at Liz's quick induction?
I nodded.
Your really rather strange you know, Sam said.

The sandwiches arrived and a big jug of milk with them.
I looked at the big plateful and said I'll never eat all those.
You better not, they are not all for you, Sam said. I want some too and I'm going to make myself a cup of tea to go with them.
Sam put the plate and the big jug on the little table and moved it so it was over the bed and I could reach.
She than filled a glass with the milk. Don't scoff all of them before I return, she said.
I won't, I said, but I'm going to start now because I'm hungry.

When Sam returned with her cup of tea we both munched our way through the lot.
While I was drinking the milk Sam got the nil by mouth sign and placed it above the bed.
That's so the visitors don't feed the animals, Sam said laughing.
I should not joke about that, it's most important that you don't eat anything before a general anaesthetic, I seen what happens when someone did at the dentist's I was working at.
Why what happened? I asked.
The little boy had been eating crisps and drinking coke and just as he lost conscious he threw the whole lot up into the mask.
Inhaling sick can be fatal, It's like drowning, then there is the risk of lung infection, that's assuming they can get you to breathe again. Sam said.
That's what I meant before about dental surgeries only having basic equipment, the could not give him oxygen from the machine, it was contaminated with his sick, fortunately they had oxygen equipment and a resuscitation bag in the little room the used for recovery and suction on the chair to try and clear his airway.
Yack I said.
Very Sam said.

I had a think about having to deal with that, I'd have been sick, too, no question.

Sam? What happens if I need to go to the toilet?I asked.
That's not a problem, Sam said, just go in the nappy and I'll change you again.
Oh no, I just couldn’t, I said.
There is two ways you could, I just leave you long enough that you will eventually just go, or I could give you a suppository and you would anyway. Sam said.
Why can't I just go to the bathroom? I said.
You can, I was just teasing you, Sam said, but if you want to try going in a nappy feel free.
Defiantly not, I replied not unless I really have too.
You might enjoy it, Sam said, Or have you already tried it? Sam asked.
No I haven't, wetting is one thing that's quite another, I insisted.
Don't panic, If you need on the toilet I will take you, Sam said. It's quite easy.
OK, but not just Yet, I said.

Sam said if you wait till later on your nappy will need changed anyway and you can go before I put it back on.
I nodded. I'm not looking forward to tonight, I haven't slept anywhere except at home and I don't think I will sleep at all in here.
Why it's quiet in here with only you in this ward and I won't be making any noise, your not feeling any pain are you? Sam asked.
No, I can't feel anything at all down there. It's just not at home and not my bed. I said.
If you can't sleep I could give you something to help, but only if you can't sleep by yourself. Sam said.
Just wheel me along to the OR and give me some gas, I'd soon be asleep. I joked
Yes, but as soon as the Anaesthetic wore off you would be awake again, Sam said and There is no way they would keep you under all night. Sam said.
Anyway Anaesthesia is not like sleep, you never wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go. Sam added.
I always tend to sleep after I've had gas, usually when I get back from the dentist's I sleep for a few hours till the effects wear off. I said.

I had been looking at the two thick nappies sitting next to my bed, they were made of the thickest long loop terry cloth and about twice as thick as the ones at home.
Where do those nappies come from? I asked.
The big store cupboard at the end of the ward. Sam said. There are several sizes in there.
No, I meant who makes them? I replied.
I don't know, but I could find out for you, Why? Sam asked.
They are about twice as thick as the ones Mum buys, two of hers is the same as those. I replied.
I see, There must be hundreds of them in this hospital, in various store cupboards, I know there is also hundreds of pairs of rubber pants too, they wash them and return them along with the nappies, but there are all sorts of reusable rubber items washed and sterilised in hospitals. Sam said.
What sort of things? I asked.
Well rubber sheets, pants, aprons, also Anaesthesia accessories like masks, hoses, breathing bags and breathing tubes. Enemas sets too they are rubber and reusable. The anaesthetic stuff is made from anti-static rubber that's why it's very black it is quite expensive so they tend to look after it.
They inspect everything after washing and cleaning very carefully and anything defective or worn is discarded and replaced. Sam said.
Yes, I suppose a leaky anaesthetic hose could cause a few problems. I said.
Anything on an anaesthetic machine is carefully checked before use, Sam said.
They leak test them, check everything is in working order and top up all the Anaesthetics, Did you know that the cylinders mounted on those machines are only for emergencies?
No, I didn't, I replied.
Yes, they run on piped gas from the hospital supply, Oxygen and Nitrous Oxide comes out of fittings on the wall and if there is any problems they can switch to the cylinders. Sam said.
Not like at the dentist then, I said.
No another safety step not used at the dentist's. Sam said. Bet you have never seen a blood pressure monitor at the dentist's either, all they have is the Anaesthetist's Stethoscope and your skin colour. Sam said.

If you want another drink, get one, you can drink as much as you want tonight, but tomorrow you might get a drink first thing, then no more till after your operation. Sam said.
I poured another beaker full and sipped at it. You know where this will end up? I said.
That does not matter at all, Sam said, What is one more wet nappy?
Don't you mind changing patients, I asked.
Wet ones are easy, soiled ones and cleaning up vomit is a bit more unpleasant. Sam said. You get used to it after a few years though.
I don't suppose you are feeling tired? Sam asked.
Just a little, but not ready to sleep yet, I replied.

How do you usually spend your spare time? Sam asked.
I usually hang around with my friends, riding around on our bikes, or hanging out at each others houses if the weather is bad. I answered.
I don't suppose any of these friends know about your nappy interests? Sam asked.
Definitely not, How would you even start to explain that to a friend? I said.
Well, no, but you might be surprised, They will have their own little quirks too you know. Sam said.
Quite possibly but girls might talk about things like that but boys generally don't. I said.
What if you have to wear nappies for a while after tomorrow, or even long term, will you tell them then? Sam asked.
Then it would be for a medical reason, and not a choice, that will make it easier to share it then. I said.
I see, Sam said.

Do you think I will end up with permanent incontinence, Sam? I asked.
Well, you will get the catheter fitted tomorrow and probably a leg bag to go with it then while your damaged sphincter heals, you will get out of the habit of holding urine in your bladder and if the problem gets fixed you might have to retrain for a while after the catheter is removed. Sam said.
So not quick cure then. I said.
No, no quick cures, but hopefully a good out come at the end. Sam said.

Can I take you up on that toilet trip now? I asked.
Yes, I think we can manage that, I will take you along then get your nappy off, then leave you too it. Sam said.
I started to get out of the bed.
Take it easy when you stand up, you might be a little unsteady, from lying down so long. Sam said.
Almost before I was upright, I felt my nappy getting suddenly warm.
I've just gave this nappy a good soaking. I said.
Don't worry that is just gravity working on your bladder, It's perfectly normal. Sam said.

Sam took my hand and slowly lead me out of the ward, along the corridor to the toilet.
We both entered the large cubicle and Sam said Just wait there against that wall and I will get your nappy off.
She soon had it off and said When your finished just press that red button on that pendant and I shall come and get you, OK?
OK, thanks. I replied.

Sam returned for me and I was taken back to bed, where I was given a wash and got back in a fresh nappy and returned to bed.
I think you should lie quiet and try and get some sleep. Sam said.
I wish I had a book to read or something to keep me busy for a while.
Sam said, I might have just the thing, let me tidy all this stuff away and I will be back shortly.

About five minutes later Sam came back with a large book, turning it to towards me, I read it's title.
Modern Anaesthesia Machines And Equipment.
This book is at least 15 years old and so it's out of date, but you might find some of the pictures interesting. Sam said.
I think I will, I said reaching for the book.
That has been on the shelf in our storeroom for as long as I have worked here. Sam said.
Thanks Sam, I'll have a read. I said.
Sam switched the overhead bed light on and pulled it down so I could reach it, as she left she turned the main ward lights off just leaving the dull night lights on.
I adjusted the light and opened the book to the foreword.

This book is intended to be an insight into the recent advances in Anaesthesia Machines
And Equipment.
In the last 10/15 years great technical advances have been made in Anaesthesia and Resuscitation
Equipment also the accessories and accoutrements that accompany these machines.............

I looked down to see the book was dated 1965, I was not born then.
Next page was the index and it was listed by Equipment makers names.
BOC, Boyle’s, Drager, Ohio medical and a whole lot of other companies that either made
medical machines or equipment that was used with them.

The next page had a simple British Oxygen Company- Boyles International Gas cart.
It had cylinders mounted on each side, a back bar with glass bottle vaporisers on it a simple three column flow meter that read Oxygen / Nitrous Oxide / Air.
It was fitted with a single hose breathing circuit, but all the fittings were in red rubber, including the re-breathing bag.

I imagined trying that out, then noticed that the vaporisers were for Ether and Trilene only.
Maybe not I reconsidered. Could be a bit smelly and unpleasant.

There was a lot of specifications and info about what it could do.
I skipped that and turned over to the next page.
Another BOC machine but this one was for operating theatre use, it had a lot more equipment and controls on it, it also had a few more cylinders mounted on it, one was orange in colour and the label read Cyclopropane, I'd never heard of that.
One thing that did interest me was two sets of red rubber breathing circuits, one single hose and the other twin hose that was connected to something called a scrubber.

I read the description to find that the single hose set was for induction or simple procedures and the twin set was for longer cases as it contained a CO'2 absorber allowing the gasses to be scrubbed and returned to the patient.
This machine had Ether, Trilene and Halothane vaporisers fitted.
Reading further down I noted that Cyclopropane was itself an anaesthetic, but stored in cylinders as a liquid but it turned into a gas at room pressure.
I wondered what that was like and if it was still in use.

There was machines specially for different departments, like Ear, Nose and Throat and some were adapted for paediatric use, I took this to mean children.
One of those machines had the addition of a Ethyl Chloride vaporiser for quick and easy inductions in children.
I never heard if that stuff either, but read further on that Halothane had almost superseded Ethyl Chloride as the agent for paediatric mask induction.

I read and read, I learned all sorts of things that were new to me about Anaesthesia
There was even a section on portable machines and dental machines, I found one very similar to my own dentists machine I was amazed to find it dated from the early 50's but had been constantly updated over the years.
There was a section solely on vaporisers and it went from the glass bottle type to bubble through types and the onto the early metal box type like Liz's machine had.
I read that the later ones were far more accurate and could deliver a more stable output over a wide range of temperatures, so that patients actually received what the dial was set at constantly.

Some of the big theatre machines were incredibly complicated as they could be used as life support and artificial breathing machines.
Some had the re-breathing bag mounted on the gas outlet, others had it on a separate hose that the anaesthetist could either hold in their hand or hang close to the patient so the could watch their breathing.
All very interesting, but I was soon tired from trying to take all this new information in.
Sam came back and said, Are you still reading that book? I though you might have drifted off to sleep a while ago.
No, I said, but I'm tired now.
Good, lets see if you can sleep for a bit then, Sam said. I will probably wake you up later, because I will have to change that nappy for a clean one to take you through till morning.
I nodded.
Everything else all right? Sam asked.
What like? I asked.
Comfortable, no pain and still feeling dry? She asked.
I'm fine thank you, I replied, That book is very interesting.
Yes I thought you might think that, now quiet and try and sleep. Sam said.

I lay thinking about what was coming in the following day, I also thought about those red rubber masks and hoses on those old anaesthetic machines, I wondered why they had changed over to black rubber.
I imagined breathing through all that red rubber and watching the the red rubber bag inflating and shrinking while I breathed it's sweet musty contents.
Getting all dizzy and excited as the gas got stronger with each breath, the warmth that spread from your chest as the gas ran from the mask to your lungs, into your blood and into your brain, causing mayhem as it did so.

I woke up later on to find Sam standing beside me with her trolley, I'm so sorry to wake you but it's time for a change of nappy.
I was about to protest about being woken up, but realised the nappy was indeed feeling rather heavy and wet.
Sam slipped the rubber sheet under me and soon had the rubber pants off.
That's one wet nappy. She said. But just what I expected with all that liquid you drunk.
It was a very strange feeling waking up with a wet heavy nappy that you had no memory of wetting, it just got wetter and heavier as time passed without and effort or will on my part.

Sam soon had me in a dry nappy and pants back on.
I hope you can get back to sleep quickly Sam said.
I rolled onto my side and curled up and was soon asleep again.

Part 5.

We entered the hospital through Accident and Emergency.
On reaching the desk Mum briefly described to the lady on the desk what was going on.
She stopped Mum after a few lines and said All I need is his name, date of birth and his home address.
Mum gave all the details, Also our doctors name and the address of our surgery.
We were told to take a seat in the waiting area.

A couple of minutes later a young nurse opened the door and called my name.
When inside we sat on two seats and Mum started to explain what was going on, the nurse said I'll get a doctor.

Young looking doctor appeared after another few minutes and asked Mum what had happened.
Mum was explaining to the Doctor and he said, I think we need a Urologist.
Mum agreed.

After a further wait a middle aged man appeared in a white coat, he asked Mum what had happened.
Mum started from the very beginning and the Doctor listened to everything Mum said.
When she finished he said Have you checked his foreskin?
Mum said no, but she didn't think the blood was coming from there.
We better check hat first he said.

We were lead from the room to another with several cubical s and we were shown into one.
Climb onto that bed for me, young man he said.
He asked me if I had any pain, only when I pee, I answered.
OK, Lets have a look.
He asked me to lift up as he untied the tracksuit bottoms and pulled them down around my knees.
On seeing the plastic pants and nappy he said, Ah, right, stay up there for a minute, as he pulled the pants down too, he then unpinned the nappy had a good look around and then put some rubber gloves on.
He then took my penis in his hand and looked at it, then very gently he pulled the foreskin back, watching my face for any sign of pain.
He looked carefully at that too and then looked in the nappy at the blood.
No damage to his foreskin I'm afraid he said. But a fair amount of blood in the nappy. I think we had better get you a bed and have a look up inside you.

Will it hurt? I asked.
No you will be asleep. He answered.
He pulled the nappy back up and Mum said I will sort that out if you wish.
Very good, I'll just go and organise a bed and an Anaesthetist, I'll see you shortly young man, but you might not see me.
He then left us.
I took it from the words Anaesthetist and and asleep, I was heading for another date with the black mask.
Mum was talking to a nurse who was asking how it happened, When Mum explained how it happened the nurse mentioned incontinence, Mum explained that I was not incontinent, well not up to this morning.
The nurse looked confused, He likes wearing and wetting nappies, Mum said.
The nurse looked at Mum and said Only boys do thinks like this.
Mum nodded.

A Porter appeared with a wheelchair and said right young man lets have you in here.
I can walk, I protested, The porter said do you want me out of a job, anyway how far do you think you'd get with your nappy on show and your trousers at your knees? And he smiled.

As I got up Mum pulled the pants up and retied the string.
I got in the wheelchair and we set off through miles off corridors and then into a big lift, then along some more corridors till we reached the ward.

I was wheeled in and taken straight to a bed.
A Nurse called Jane introduced herself and said we need all those clothes off and this gown on.
She pulled the curtains around the bed and I got undressed.

She pulled the T-shirt over my head and untied the pants and slid them down on seeing the nappy she said is that wet?
Slightly I said and has blood in it.
OK we will get you a fresh one and some fresh pants. Jane said.
She went out of the curtain and returned with a thick terry nappy and some grey pants, She soon had me changed and I noticed the pants were grey rubber not plastic.

Then she got me into the bed, invited Mum back in and got some more details from her.
Another young looking lady with long hair appeared, I'm Liz, I'm the Anaesthetist, I need to ask you a few questions and check your temperature and blood pressure.

She took a thermometer and stuck it in my mouth, the put a grey rubber cuff on my arm, This will squeeze your arm and then slowly deflate she said. Pumping the rubber bulb.
As the cuff deflated she read the thermometer.
When was the last time you ate anything?
Last night at teatime. I said.
Anything to drink this morning? She asked.
No. I said.
Good, have you had an Anaesthetic before? She asked.
Quite a few times I said.
Where? She asked.
At the dentist's. I replied.
Any problems? She asked looking at Mum.
No we both said together.
That's good, now I'll see you very shortly along in my little room. She said.
Will I get the black mask? I asked.
She looked quite surprised, Why don't you like that black mask? She asked.
He loves it Mum said.
How unusual, Liz said.
Right see you in about five minutes, Liz said.

Everyone disappeared except Mum.
I'll be here when you wake up, she said. Have nice dreams.
Two Porters came and said Right here we go, just a short ride this time.
I got wheeled off the ward around the corner and into two swing doors that said O.R.3
Hello Liz said as I was wheeled in.
Do you want to go to sleep in the bed or do you want to hop up on the table first? Liz asked.
I can get on the table I said looking over at the big Anaesthetic machine.
It had lots of cylinders of various colours hanging from it, more that the one at the dentist’s, it had a lot more controls and lot's of black rubber hoses.

Liz took my hand and lead me out of the bed and onto the table, She places a black rubber cushion under my head and tilted my head slightly back.
She tried a mask on my face and said you need a bigger one than that, Small adult she added.
She twisted the mask onto the end of two rubber hoses that were attached to the machine.
Will I count up to ten, I asked.
You won't be counting very far, Liz said.
But first I want you to breathe some oxygen for me, she handed me another mask and said hold that firmly on your face and breathe
some of that for a few minutes.
I placed the mask on my face and started counting my breaths, Liz laughed.
I can see this is going to be easy, she added.
I had already counted up to five.
That won't do anything Liz said, it's just like breathing air.
But it has a nice rubbery smell I said.
Has it, Liz said.
I got to 15 with my breathing.
Liz twiddled some little taps on her machine and adjusted the two little bobbins on the scales they were dancing around on.
She then turned on a red knob on the silver square box and set that to five on the scale, Halothane it said in red writing on the metal label.
She brought the rubber balloon and hung it on a hook just above my head, as I watched it was slowly filling and becoming a round shape, Liz gave it a squeeze and let it fill again and squeezed it flat again, then she stuck her finger up the hole in the mask and placed it on the table.

I was watching the black balloon getting quite fat and round. It just stopped at that size.
What number are you at now? Liz asked.
22 I said.
I think that's enough, Liz said.
Not I am going to swap from that mask to this one shortly, but I want you to breather right out as far as you can into that one and hold it, them when I put this mask on your face I want you to try and breathe all the gas in the balloon till it's flat, do you think you can manage that for me?
Yes, I said into the mask.
Right when you are ready, breathe all the way out as far as you can and hold it for me.
Ready? she said.
I blew into the mask as long and hard as I could, Liz took the mask and quickly placed the one with two hoses on my face.
Great big deep breath in now she said.
I breathed in as hard and big as I could, I nearly got the black bag flat, It was then I noticed the very strong musty sweet rubber smell.
What a good lad said a voice quite far away, I felt very dizzy, I felt suddenly very warm and floaty.
Now blow that strong smell away as hard as you can, I blew into the mask and it made a hollow echo sound.
Another big deep breath in, empty the bag again, Liz's voice said.
Nice deep breath, echoed in my head as I spun off into the darkness.


I don't know how long I slept for but when I woke up I was very hot, sweaty and very uncomfortable.
I tried to work out what was wrong, it was my bladder, it seemed to full, way past it's comfort level, bordering on pain.
My penis was stiff and pointing upwards. I tried to let some urine go.
Nothing was happening, so I carefully rolled onto my front, the pressure this put on my bladder was excruciatingly painful, I quickly got onto my knees.
I tried to pee, again not a thing happened.
OK, lets stand up and try again.
I got out of bed and stood up straight, immediately the pressure on my bladder got worse, the pain was unreal.
I hoped that any moment the pressure would cause me to start wetting, but it didn't, I was feeling almost sick now and thought I might actually vomit.

I started to cry, the pain just kept coming, nothing I done or any movement I made eased it.
I thought something might rip or tear inside me from the pressure.
I fumbled around for the switch for the bedside light, when the room lit up I realised that I was shaking and the sweat was dripping from me.

Suddenly my Mum opened my room door and was soon beside me.
What's wrong? she asked.
Through the sobbing and tears I tried to tell her what I'd done.
Mum lead me over to the bed and she sat down and pulled me into her arms.
Seeing and feeling the sweat, she then carefully felt the front of the plastic pants.
Having found my hard erect penis, she cradled me in her arms and said, You need to calm down,
try and relax she cooed, your all worked up and your penis is hard and erect, you can't pass urine while your hard.
Mum carried on gently rocking me and talking to me gently for a long time, I eventually stopped crying and after ten or so minutes the stiffness left my penis.
Almost immediately
I started peeing into the nappy, it started as a dribble and built up into a long slow stream.
Mum just kept rocking me and calmly talking, Just relax and let it all go, don't push or try and stop it, just let it come gradually by itself.

After a few minutes the pain had stopped, but the flow didn't, the nappy was gradually turning a dark colour, the darkness spread creeping all over the front and the bottom parts.

Is that better? Mum asked.
I nodded.
The whole nappy felt warm and heavy.
How much water did you drink? A whole bath full? Mum asked.
Three glasses, I replied.
I bet you don't do that again, Mum scolded.
I shook my head in agreement. Just glad the pain had gone.

Lets get that swimming pool off, Mum said.
Gently lowering me to the floor.
Soon as I was upright more pee started to flow into the nappy, I looked downwards.
Good grief, Mum said. Just stand still till you are finished.
Mum waited for a few minutes and looked at the damage.
There is a puddle of urine in those pants, lie down slowly and let the back of the nappy soak it up. Mum instructed.
I followed orders and carefully lay back down on the floor.
Now don't move till I get back, Mum said.

As I lay there the nappy felt soaked, I could feel the urine seeping up the back of the terry cloth.

Mum came back with two fresh nappies, some clean pants, and a large bath towel.
The towel she spread on the carpet beside me and asked me to stand up on the towel.
She worked the pants down slightly till she got to the top pins and released one, the whole heavy sodden mass slid downwards till it was sitting on the floor over my feet.

Can you step out of that and stay on the the towel, she asked.
I carefully freed my feet from the elastics of the pants and stood on the towel.
Mum folded the two nappies on the bed and said get yourself on those, You should really get washed and fresh cream on but I think you'll be all right as you are till we get up.
She pinned the nappies snugly and put the clean pant onto my legs.
Up you get she said, and she got the pants over the nappy and made sure everything was tucked in and ran her fingers around the leg elastics.
How are you feeling now? She asked.
A lot better, but still a bit tender. I said.
I'm not a bit surprised, your bladder will have been seriously enlarged and the pressure on the other parts will be causing the pain, Your lucky you managed to pass urine you could have torn a sphincter from the pressure and it you had not managed to pee it would have been a trip to hospital in an ambulance for a catheter, but you might not have held for that long.
Please don't try that again! Mum said wagging her finger at me.
Now into bed and lie quiet.
I got into bed and had to turn the pillow over as it was damp with sweat.
The whole bed felt rather cold too.

Mum collected up the towel with the nappy and pants and left the room.
I put the light out and lay in the dark feeling rather stupid, but I never knew that drinking all that water could cause so much bother.

Mum woke me up in the morning, As soon as my eyes opened she asked me how I felt.
It was then I realised the nappy was wet, I didn’t wake to wet it, so it must have happened while I was asleep.
This concerned me so I said I've wet again but while sleeping.
Have you? Mum said looking rather concerned.
I think we had better check this out. She said. Out of that bed.
I stood up and immediately started to pee, It stung as I peed not a huge amount, but I could feel it. I told Mum.
No good, she said. As she lowered the pants to remove a pin.

When she slip the nappy down inside the nappy had a bloody spot on it.
Someone needs to go to the hospital and get checked out. Mum said.
Go now and have a shower, shout down to me when you have finished. Mum said.

I was getting really worried, having blood seeping out your penis was defiantly not a good thing.
As I was showering I noticed that blood was still dripping now and then.

When I was finished Mum came back and said right lets get you dressed to go.
I told her about the blood.
Mum went and collected another nappy and plastic pants from the cupboard and had a pair of my track suit bottoms with her.
She soon had me in the nappy and track suit bottoms, then she put a long T-shirt over the top.
Right, socks and shoes then we shall go, she said.

We went from my room directly out the front door.
Mum unlocked the car and I got in the back.
She got in the front and said it's just as well I can drive, otherwise your Dad would have to take you.
I was not feeling very happy at all.

Mum, what do you think has happened? I said.
I'm not sure, but something is not right and we need to find out what. She said.
In the ten or so minutes it too to get to the hospital car park, there was already a damp feeling patch on the nappy front.

Part 3
The next thing I remember is waking up in a room full of sunlight only slightly subdued by the curtains.
The strong rubbery smell and the new PVC smell reminds me that I'm in my own bed in a nappy and I don't have to rush to remove it.
It still seems a bit unreal that, but it's true.
I'm lying on my back the big puffy thick nappy is still tightly wrapped around me.

I try and release the urine in my bladder, I get a small spurt followed by a good strong flow into the waiting terry cloth.
I realise it's Saturday and look over at my clock, it's 8.12 am, no one will be up yet.
I relax into the bed and drift off to sleep again.

My Mum's voice wakes me next time.
As I open my eyes she is standing over me.
Morning, How did you sleep? She asks.
Great I reply Like a Ba...by I almost stopped myself saying the word.
Mum just grins.
We are going shopping later, so could you get up and get a shower and dressed soon? She asks.
Do you want me to take that nappy off? Mum asks.
No thanks, I can manage that bit, I said.
Just go to the bathroom and take it off then, wet stuff in the basket, She adds.
I nod and she leaves me to get up.

I pull the covers open and get out of bed, I'm standing open legged still fighting the terry bulk between my legs.
Trying to walk is a struggle so I adopt a waddle that's easier.
I stop at my door and listen for others, no sound so I head to the bathroom as quick as my waddle will let me.

When I get in I lock the door and stand running my hands over the smooth plastic pants and the rounded bulk underneath them.
I almost loath to take then off, but console myself by thinking a new fresh one can be mine tonight.
I stretch out my wearing by brushing my teeth still in the nappy.

When I arrive at the table my brother, Mum and Dad are already there.
Morning, Dad says.
Yes, Good Morning Dad I reply.
Everything OK? Dad asks.
Great, fine, I reply.
Good, Dad says.

After breakfast we all get in the car and head for the town centre.
When we get there Dad finds a place in the multi-story car park and says
Jamie, you are going with me, John you are going with your Mum.

We get out the car and when we come out the lift Dad gives Mum the Car keys and says
We will meet up by the fountain in the main mall at 1.30 OK?
Fine Mum says.
We set off in different directions.

I am wondering what's going on as this is not a usual thing.
Mum leads me along a long row of shops right to the end and the around the corner to another row of older shops.
Eventually we reach on old style chemist's shop and Mum leads the way to the doorway.
On entering the shop there is a few people browsing the shelves and a couple waiting at the counter waiting to be served.
There is an elderly man at one end of the counter and another oldish lady serving at the other end.
We stand in the queue and eventually the lady says Hello to Mum.
Mum says something to the lady and she replies sure, come through to the back with me.

Mum point's to a seat in the corner and tell me to sit there while she talks to the lady.
After a few minutes they both come back, the lady looks at me and says I need a few measurements from you, that will be OK, won't it?
Mum says we need your size for the new nappies and plastic pants.
I feel quite embarrassed immediately.
It's quite all right the lady says smiling, no need to be shy, we just want to make sure we get the right size so they fit well and are comfortable.
Come over here and stand up straight for me, The lady says.
I go over and she pulls a fabric tape measure from her pocket and measures around my waist, fine she says.
Do you think you could drop your pants for me, your wearing underpants I take it?
I nodded.
OK lets go then.
When my trousers are around my ankles she measures from my waist through my legs and back up to waist hight at the back.
Thank you. She says you can get dressed again.

I think you will be pushing it for growing room with terry squares, he's nearly at their limit now, anything bigger is in adult size, but I have a sample of something You can get made to measure, If you want a look at those.

Mum looked and said yes, can we see those?
The lady went over to a row of wooden drawers and pulled out a thick looking shaped nappy.
After bringing it over she put it in the counter and spread it out.
These are fitted with a soft felt like material that does not absorb liquid, the idea is it keeps the urine way from the skin for over night use, They also have a pull out part that makes for easier drying and you can add extra suffers to them for heavy use.
They fasten at the front with double Velcro making them easy to fit and the waist and the legs are elasticated for a snug fit.
That one is large adult size, I think you might lose him it that one but it gives you an idea of how they are made.

That’s quite a nappy Mum said feels nice too she said running her hand over the fleece inner, the outer part is thick Egyptian cotton too.
Turning to me she said what about those, would you wear them?
Yes, I said they look good.
How much are those each? Mum asked.
One moment the lady said, I have a price list.
As she walked over to another part of the shop Mum followed her, I grabbed the chance to have a better look and feel of the nappy.

It did indeed feel soft and the whole thing was thick and quite heavy.
I could imagine wearing one of those would be quite a thrill.
Are they OK? Mum asked as he came back.
I nodded, they would do fine.
Turning to the lady Mum said can I order six of those please.
Of course you can, but you'll need some special sized pants to fit over them, the same place will make you them too. the lady said.
How much would those be? Mum asked.
They both returned to the price list.
On the way back Mum said I'll need six pairs of those too then.

They are well made, they have wide enclosed waist and leg bands for comfort and security and as full cut to cover everything easily, well worth the little more they cost. The lady said.

How long do they take to deliver? Mum asked.
It's usually next day they make them and following day they arrive in the post, so you should get them on Tuesday, Oh make sure you wash them before you use them, it removes anything on the material and if you dry them in the tumble dryer use the low heat setting they will last far longer and fluff right up. The lady answered.

Will there be anything else? The lady asked
Yes, can I have 6 large size terry squares and six pairs of pull on PVC pants size 30 also two cards of extra large nappy pins please.
Of course I'll just go and get those for you. The lady said.
Oh, and four large tubs of Sudocreme too please. Mum added.
Of course, the lady said.

As soon as she left us Mum said I hope you don't change your mind about nappies I've just spent a fortune on you.
Not any time soon, I answered.
I hope not. Mum said.

The lady returned and said I have everything in a box through the front if you would like to come through.
We returned to the front of the shop and everything was rung through the cash register.
The grand total almost made me shudder.
Mum too out her purse and counted the money out then handed it over to the lady.

I hope they are fine for you young man, I'm sure you'll find them comfortable and they will do the job for you. She said smiling at me.
I got to carry the box back to the car, we put them in the boot out of sight then went back to the shops.

When we met up with Dad and Jamie, Jamie had a new toy car and enjoyed showing it to me.
We trailed around a few more shops, in one I got to try on a few Tracksuit sets and I ended up with two new sets but they were a bigger size than I normally get.

As a special treat we got to eat at big café / restaurant in the town too.
We then headed home in the car.

On the way home I was daydreaming about my new nappies and wished it was already Wednesday so I could try one out.
It only took ten minutes to get home which was fortunate as all the fizzy coke I had guzzled at the café had now found it's way into my bladder.
It was not a problem though, I never had any problem waiting for the toilet.

We all sat in the big front room watching the T.V. For while but I soon got restless and took off to my bedroom.
I was flicking through a comic annual but not really reading it when I heard someone coming up the stairs.
Mum passed the door, on her way to the bathroom.
I timed it right to catch her on her way back and appeared in the hall in front of her.
Mum.... Can I get a, I mean... my ….. er nappy on now I stammered.
Are you sure you want it now? Mum asked it's still early yet.
Yes, I'll stay in my room, I answered.
If you waited till bedtime you could have a single nappy on and your new tracksuit bottoms over it and wander as you please. Mum said.
No.... I'd rather have the same as last night please, I said.
If you want, Mum said. I'll go get the stuff, you get undressed and I will be in shortly.
Mum went downstairs and then to the airing cupboard, she then appeared in my room with an armful of stuff, Two terry squares, a pair of plastic pants, on card of the extra big pins and a new jar of the white nappy cream.

I was sitting on my bed already naked and waiting.
Mum folded the two nappies up into the triangle shape and placed them on the bed.
I was already heading to lie on them before she asked.
Do you need on the toilet? Mum asked sneering at me with a grin.
No, I'm fine I replied.

Mum took a large dollop of cream from the full new jar and began rubbing it all over my nappy area
Tut, she said, that thing is in the way again, well I'll just have to cream it again, she was laughing.
She finished with the cream and pulled the front of the nappy up, but folded the top front part over so it was about three inches wide then began pinning it very snugly.
Is that OK/ it's not too tight for comfort, is it? Mum asked.
No it's fine I replied, why did you fold the top over?
It helps keep the nappy tight and slightly reduces the depth so these pants will safely cover everything. Mum said.
Mum shook out the pants and guided them over my feet and up my legs, Stand up till we get those over your nappy.
I carefully stood beside my bed as Mum worked the pants up to my waist, then made sure everything was covered and the leg elastics were lying straight and not twisted.

I just noticed you need your toenails cut, they are getting like talons.
Now? I asked.
Yes now Mum replied. Just sit on your bed and I'll get my scissors and clippers.
Mum left closing the door and returned and closed the door again, she moved my chair over towards the bed after she sat down she took one foot across her knees and started trimming my toenails.
You really look very cute and cuddly in that nappy you know, Mum said.
A lot bigger but just the same as you were a few years ago, I never thought I'd get to put a nappy on you again.

You get plenty of practice with Jamie I said.
Poor Jamie, all he wants is to get dry at night, he had managed perfectly during the daytime for a few years, but just has not learned how to do it at night yet, I'm sure it will come though. Mum said.
You will notice he never ever gets told off for being wet in the mornings, I used to get hell from my parents for still being in nappies when I was six.
I'm sure my Mother thought I was just being lazy and preferred the nappies to getting up for the toilet, when in fact, I hated that everyone else had got past them.

How old were you when you stopped Mum? I asked.
Just after my Thirteenth birthday, Mum said.
I just started holding my pee till morning, it happened quite suddenly, but Your Grandmother made me wear nappies for another three months, just in case. She added.
Did you miss them? I asked.
No, I used to think that because I was in a nappy my brain would tell my bladder it was all right to wet, and that led to wet nappies, but in truth it was just my bladder was slow to develop and I was a deep sleeper so when my bladder got too full it would just let go. Just like Jamie's does.

Mum swapped feet and carried on trimming, Can you just wet your nappy? She asked.
What now? I asked not understanding what she meant.
Well yes, if you like like right now? She asked.
No, I can't I have to fight my brain and bladder or it be so full I have to wet to relieve the pain. I answered.
That is not at all good for you or your bladder, Mum said. You will be putting a lot of pressure on things down there, overstretch your bladder and you could even tear your sphincter from the pressure. You should practice relaxing and letting some out regularly, but boys find it almost impossible to wet while they are hard. Mum continued.
I was a little in awe of why my Mother should know so much about how bladders, especially men's bladder's.

Before I could ask, Mum said.
Before I got married, I was a nurse, I worked in the Urology department, That's a place where they treat problems down there.
I learned how it all works and what happens when it doesn’t, some people are injured or have infections and that causes problems.

Something as simple as going for a pee is a very complicated process that most people learn then take for granted.
When babies are born they don't have any idea how it works so they get only so full and then their bladder pushes the pee out, they know they are peeing but they didn't start it and they don't know how to stop it either. For them it's just an automatic process.
When Jamie is asleep his bladder goes into automatic, he does not know when he's wetting, for him it just happens.

For you it's very different, your bladder sends a signal to your brain when it gets over half full, the signal gets stronger and more urgent the longer you leave it.
Your brain tells you that you need to pee, so you go to the toilet or just get your penis out of your outside.
When you are ready your brain relaxes your sphincters and you start to leak urine, your bladder now knows you have started peeing so it contracts to push the urine out.
One the pushing starts the bladder keeps contracting till it's empty, that's why normally when you start to pee you can't stop it.
When you are finished the sphincters close again and your kidneys start the filling process again.

It only takes one thing to be wrong in that complicated chain of events to cause problems.
The problem show themselves as involuntary wetting, Leaking, or not being able to pass urine normally till the bladder gets so full it has to release the pressure so you get flooding.
Often if someone had a neck or back injury the signals between the brain and bladder get lost so it reverts to automatic.
Sometimes due to injury or infections the actual sealing parts get damaged and the person no longer can hold urine, they usually just drip all the time.

You having been toilet trained for years will not just relax and pee, I'm quite surprised you can wet in a nappy, most people have to be standing and some need the visual sight of a toilet to trigger letting go.
I have to kneel to pee in my nappy. I admitted.
That's toilet training, that's how it effects you, you can't just pee anywhere any time. Mum said.
I have seen people in hospital so badly effected that when they can't be moved the can't pee right up to the point they need a catheter fitted so they can pee lying down.

How does that work? I asked.
Imagine a thin plastic hose that gets slid up your penis, past the seals and into your bladder, then the pee runs down the pipe.
I shuddered at that thought.
No not very pleasant, but sometimes it has to be done. Mum said.
Getting back to you, try standing up when you need to pee and imagine you are at the toilet, It might take a few goes to get it to work, but it's better than getting that full you have to pee.
I nodded.

Right that's you done, are you getting into bed?
I am, I said but don't tuck the covers in as I might want to try standing up.
Do you need to go now? Mum asked.
Nearly I said.
Right I'll leave you to in then. Mum said picking up her scissors and clippers.
She leaned over and gave me a kiss, Sleep well and please do be careful don't hurt yourself.
She left the room closing the door.

While I had been talking to Mum I had forgotten about being in a nappy and my penis had relaxed, I got upright and tried to release some pee, as soon as I thought about it my penis responded by starting try and point upwards again.
I was not very good at this relaxing, In fact my penis was trying it's hardest to get upright but was trapped in the terry cloth, getting more and more uncomfortable every second.
I tried bending over from my waist but the nappy would not let go, I was getting quite serious pain now and tried to find where mt penis was through the thick terry nappy under the Plastic pants.
I could feel a slight bulge that I took to be it's top and pushed it sideways, suddenly it swung upright and was free.
I gasped in relief, that was very painful.

After I recovered I got into bed, I immediately rolled over onto my front and got myself in the right position and tried rocking back and forwards.
Again it was just right so I just kept gently rocking till that tingly feeling came and started to build.
It took great restraint to stop before the climax, but I did and lay breathing the heavy rubber smell from the mattress protector for a few minutes as the tingling subsided.
I started rocking again, soon the fizzing buzzing sensations were back, the whole world seemed to stand still as wave after wave of pleasure coursed though me.
I lay perfectly still in the afterglow of the subsiding feelings, just breathing deeply and taking in the potent rubbery odour.
Soon the stiffness in my penis subsided and I felt totally spent but relaxed.
I felt my full bladder slowly release it's warm contents in the thick terry cloth.
I had not pushed or tried, it just sort of flowed out gently as I relaxed.
The warm urine felt great as it slowly spread around adding to the safe comfy feeling the tight nappy was generating.
I could hardly believe that I was allowed to do this, after sneaking around for months borrowing nappies and having to hide them this was just so special.

Then I thought about the new style nappies that Mum ordered today, I wondered if they would feel as special as the terry squares did, also the plastic pants sounded nice too, what was it the lady had said, …....They have wide elastics at the waist and legs for comfort and security.
I wondered if anything could feel more comfortable and secure than I felt now.
One big difference of having nappies put on me by Mum was she folded them just right and pinned them on far tighter that I had ever managed.
They just felt gorgeous, strangely the more you wet them the better they felt.
That's not what you would expect, enjoying being surrounded in your own urine, but they did.

Ah! it's Saturday night, no getting up early for school in the morning.
I had a strange thought, I wonder if I should drink some water, just to make sure I can wet this nappy again in the morning?
That would mean a trip to the bathroom, along the hall, I knew that Jamie was still downstairs with my parents so there was a chance I'd be seen.
I put my bedside light on and after I got used to the brightness, I waddled over to the door.
I opened the door and listened, Way in the distance I could hear the T.V. Downstairs but not sounds of movement.
So I waddled as quick as I could along the top hall to the bathroom, when I got there I filled the beaker I used when brushing my teeth and drunk it down, just to be sure I downed another...... then one more.
That should do it , I thought.

I headed back towards my room and just as I got through the door I could hear Mum bringing Jamie upstairs to bed.
I shut the door and waddled over and into my bed.
As I turned over onto my back not only could I feel the coolness of all that water I just consumed but it made a gurgling noise from inside me.

About five minutes later Mum gently knocked on the door and came in the room.
Seeing me awake she said Are you all right? I heard you wandering around.
Fine I said, I was thirsty and wet for a drink.
Mum eyed me suspiciously, Not too much I hope, we don't want a wet bed in the morning.
No Mum, just a glass. I lied.
OK, Goodnight, see you in the morning.

Mum left and I put the light out and snuggled down in bed, running my hand over the warm soft plastic of the pants and gently squeezing the thick terry nappy they covered.
It didn't take long to drift off to sleep.


A few months after the last part of my story I got caught again by my Mother.
I had been taking nappies from the airing cupboard on a regular basis.
I would wear them, but not always wet them, if I did wet them it was simply a case of
removing the pins and adding them to the washing basket, then they would be washed and returned to the airing cupboard.

I had four nappy pins that I found, kept as spares by my Mum.
Those were always put in the drawer of my bedside cabinet for the next time.

I had nearly overslept on this morning, which was tough luck as I had wet the nappy quite
thoroughly the night before and it was probably the itching from the stale urine that had woke me up.
I slid out of bed pulled the plastic pants down to expose the top pins in the nappy undone one pin and slid the whole lot down my legs.
Once I had retrieved the other three pins and put them back in the drawer, I was going to head for the washing basket, but I heard my Mother coming up the hallway to give me my morning wake up shout.
As she approached my door I said, I'm already awake and out of bed, Mum.
OK Get washed and dressed and don't take forever, was the reply.

Now I had a problem, there was no way I could risk getting caught between my room and the bathroom and the laundry basket with a pair of plastic pants and a wet nappy.
Looking around I found a plastic carrier bag, so placed the pants and the nappy inside, then placed
them in the wardrobe, to be sorted out later when I came home from school.

I the continued the normal morning routine, shower, dressed and downstairs for breakfast.

After school I came home and headed to my room to change out of my school uniform, as we always done, except it was Friday, so the uniform would get placed in the washing basket.
Suddenly I noticed the plastic bag sitting on my bed, a quick look showed that it still contained
the nappy and pants from this morning.

I had that heart sinking feeling and was trying to think up an excuse or an explanation for my Mother.
I was struggling, nothing I could think about even came near a plausible excuse or explanation.

Mum suddenly entered the room, I had no words to say to her, in fact I was struggling to look in her direction.
Mum sat down on the bed and invited me to join her, the plastic bag sat between us.
Can you tell me why I found those in you wardrobe today?
I was struggling badly for an answer.
It's bad enough you wearing them “again!” but to leave them in your wardrobe wet and stinking is beyond belief, you know fine where dirty washing goes.

I was in a bad state, embarrassed and very short of words.
Are you having problems keeping your bed dry? Mum asked.
I shook my head.
Are you sure, that looks very used to me? She continued.
I'm sure I mumbled.
Can you tell me why you are wearing these then? Mum asked.
I stood looking at the floor again, desperately trying to think of something to say.
After what seemed like an eternity, I said the only words I could think of that fit the scene.
Because I like them. I mumbled.
Mum looked at me for a few seconds and said I need a bit more information than that.
I like wearing them, I said.

The last time you got caught in nappies and I made you wear them, the first time you were not at all happy, but I should have know that something was not right the second night, when you didn't protest or even say anything when I put you in a nappy again.
So help me here, Are you saying that you want to wear nappies? Mum asked.
I nodded and affirmed my answer with Yes.
You are nearly fifteen years old and supposed to be growing up, not going backwards, This is not really normal behaviour for a teenager. Mum said.
Your younger brother is trying really hard to get out of nappies and you want to go back into them, She added.
What do you think your Dad will say and think about this, also your friends, don't you think that they all might find it a bit strange that someone your age would want to do this?

I shrugged, Mum waited for more words from me.
I like wearing them, they are soft and comfortable and …... sexy, that was the only word I could think of to add to the end.

Suddenly the penny dropped in Mum's head.
I think I understand where and what you are saying now, being a teenager is a very hard time for you it is for all kids, boys and girls, your body is changing it's getting ready to become a grown up.
Do you really think that wearing and wetting nappies is the way forward?

I don't know, but it helps....... me........., it's better...... I mean I want to, was my answer.
I need to think about this, It could cause you problems later on. Mum said.
I now know that you have been doing this for a while, I can count you know, when I'm washing two wet nappies some days instead of one, and I guess you have the spare nappy pins that went missing a while ago.

I just nodded.
Have you got any homework? Mum asked.
A little, some Geography, to write up and an short essay to Finnish. I said being glad the subject had at least changed.
I think you should get those done and I will think about what's going to happen next. Mum said.
But first you can take those downstairs and put them in the washing machine, that nappy is stinking.

I scurried to the kitchen hoping I didn't pass anyone on the stairs, loaded the pants and the nappy into the machine, can anyone remember those old top loading automatic washers?
I put the bag in the rubbish and passed Mum on the way back up the stairs.
Dinner will be about half an hour she said.

I got my schoolbooks out and tried the Geography first as it was a simple case of copying from a book to my jotter, still hard work as my brain was occupied by the conversation that was without doubt going on downstairs.

I was half expecting a visit from Dad, either for a severe talking to or even the full riot act.
But eventually Mum shouted that dinner was on the table.
We Sat as a full family, Mum , Dad and my brother around the table just as we always did.
Nothing out of the ordinary was said but I was unusually quiet.

After tea I done my usual chore of washing the dishes and putting them away, my brother was in his room playing and I could hear Mum and Dad talking in hushed tones in the other room.

When I returned to my room I attempted to finish the English essay and unusually for me I was struggling as I could not keep my mind on the essay.
Eventually I got to the conclusion and didn't think I would be getting any credit for the effort.

Just as I returned the books to my school bag, Mum knocked at the room door.
Come in I said.
Mum entered the rood closed the door and sat on my bed again.
Join me she said.
I sat on the other end of the bed.
I've had a good think and I did tell your Dad what is going on, He's totally mystified as to why you want to wear nappies, but left the decision to me.
I'm not happy about you wearing nappies, especially as you don't need to, I would hate to think that
you would lose any of your toilet training by getting used to wetting nappies, but there are far worse things a lad of your age could be doing, So this is what I've decided.

If you want too, I shall put you in a nappy at bedtime, the choice is yours, Your free to use the toilet any time and free to use the nappy for wetting and taking care of other things, but no messing!
Any time you want to stop feel free, and any time you don't just wear a nappy.
Nappies only at bedtime and if you want to leave your room dressed in a nappy it has to be covered,
No running around the house in an uncovered nappy.
Anything soiled or even slightly wet has to be put in the wash basket with no exceptions.
You may not have thought about this yet, but your bed will have to be protected against leaks and accidents, so a rubber under sheet will be fitted to save the mattress.
Your brother does not have to know that you are back in nappies, but if he does find out it's your job to explain why to him.
Any questions?

I was totally dumbfounded, I just had my parents permission to wear and wet nappies, I didn't think this was in the realms of possible.
The grin on my face gave the Surprised pleasure I was feeling away.
Mum asked, Are you wearing one tonight?
I nodded slowly.
I will have to get some more pants and nappies to make sure there is always enough for both of you.
Mum said. There is a new rubber bed protector that I will fit shortly, you might find your bed a little less comfortable but it goes with wearing nappies I'm afraid.
I nodded.
Mum got off the bed and left the room, she came back with the new rubber protector a nappy and a brand new package with plastic pants in it.

Mum said you can give me a hand to get this on the bed, as she unwrapped the black rubber protector.

She pulled the covers and pillows off my bed and unfolded the protector, it look just like a thick fitted sheet with elasticated corners that held it secure.
We took a side of the bed each and Mum gave instructions and I followed what she done.
The rubber protector was held like a drum skin the top surfaces taught and wrinkle free.
We put the under sheet and then the top sheet and blankets back on the bed.
The room now had the unmistakable smell of new rubber wafting around, I had came across this smell before and trying to think where.
Suddenly it dawned on me that it was at the dentist's when they put the thick rubber apron around you before tucking it in.
Then the smell of the black mask smelt very strongly of rubber and sweet gas as you breathed yourself to sleep.
I had grown to love getting gas like this, then I suddenly remembered that I was always in a nappy for going under gas as I usually wet while under.

When we had finished Mum looked at the clock, it's a few hours till bedtime so I won't put your nappy on yet.
Why not? I asked.
Mum looked at me and gave me a funny look, because I want it dry for bedtime in case you use it later.
How are you going to use the toilet with that wrapped around you? Mum said.
Just pull it down I said.
If you can do that, it's not tight enough. Mum said.
I was rather disappointed, I would rather get the nappy on right now.
Mum thought for a moment the went along to the airing cupboard.

She returned with another thick fluffy terry nappy.
Are you sure you want this on now? She asked.
Yes I said.
Do you want to use the toilet first. She asked.
No, I said looking rather sheepish.
OK, I'm getting the idea, I guess this will be a wet night. She said.
Get undressed then.
Mum placed both nappies on the bed one onto of the other and started folding them into the familiar triangle shape.
By then I was undressed.
Where is the pins? Mum asked.
I slid the drawer open and handed her the four pins.

Right get yourself on that nappy, Mum said unscrewing the top of the cream jar.
As my bottom lay on the terry cloth it felt very thick and inviting.
Mum had noticed my very aroused state and said Ever time I see that it's getting bigger.
I blushed,Mum took a huge dollop of the cream and started working it into my front she even gave my penis a good coating and my testicles, them she worked her way around my bottom putting plenty everywhere.

You don't want nappy rash, that will put you off wearing nappies, it's not pleasant at all and the best way to get it is staying in wet nappies too long. Mum said.

She started to pull the nappy up between my legs, it was hugely thick and she struggled to get the pins through it but eventually she got the nappy snug and tight.
Those pins are a bit small for all that nappy and the pants might struggle to cover it all. She said.
The next size up might be a good idea for you, but these are all we have for now.
She took the pants from the cardboard box and unfolded them, then shook them out so they took shape.
I could smell the brand new PVC, it was a unmistakable smell nothing else I knew had that new pants smell.
Placing the pants over my feet she then got me to stand beside the bed, as I stood up I noticed just how thick the nappy was between my legs, There was no way I could get my legs anywhere near together.
She worked the bright white pants over the nappy and made sure everything was covered.
Looking down I could see they had a very full and puffy shape as they followed the shape of the thick terry underneath.
Oh dear! Mum said, you won't be sleeping on your side in that lot, it will be front or back only.
Those rubbers are just managing to cover that nappy too.
How does that feel? Mum asked.
Thick and comfy I said.
Mum swatted the pants at the back with her had, the noise made me jump but I hardly felt it.
I very much doubt you will be able to soak that nappy, I just hope those pants keep it all tucked in till morning.
Your trapped in your room too because nothing you have will fit over that lot. Mum said.
Are you getting into bed?

I nodded and Mum pulled the blankets back and I nearly fell over trying to walk the two steps to the top of the bed.
When I was in Mum said are you going to be OK?
Fine I said.
Is this what you want? Mum said.
Yes Mum, Thank you.
She tucked the bedding in and gave me a kiss, sleep well and try and not hurt yourself.
I was wondering about that as she switched the bedside light on and left the room switching the overhead light off.

I lay in the bed getting a full whiff of the rubber protector mixed with the new PVC smell.
I let my hands wander over the smooth soft pants and felt the thick terry cloth hugging me tightly.
It was like all my birthday's at once.
The nappy was so thick that I could not ever feel my penis, it was somewhere in all that terry cloth.

I rolled over till I was face down and tried to wiggle my hips, Yes, the nappy had my penis jambed between my body and itself, I didn't need my hands all I had to do was rock back and forwards.
It didn't take long till the heavy tingly buzzy feeling in my loins began, I stopped rocking but the excitement was too much I felt a spurt of warm seamen and a banging in my head.
I stopped still till long after it faded away, then gently started rocking again.
Again the pressure in my loins suddenly returned but this time I couldn’t or wouldn’t stop rocking.
The ****** ripped through me, I could feel the heavy spurting and that glorious exciting banging feeling in my head.
I kept thrusting into the terry till I was completely spent.
I collapsed onto the bed and lay there, my heartbeat thumping in my head and the tingling gradually fading somewhere deep inside the nappy.

Nothing I had ever experienced was like these feelings, This had to the best most exciting feeling ever.
As the stiffness left my penis I gradually recognised the need to pee and got into the kneeling position and tried to relax.
No chance, not a drop was released.
I tried pushing but that didn't work either.
I stayed in the Kneeling position with my face buried in the pillow for a long time, just trying to relax.
I must have fallen asleep as I got into a dream I was at the Dentist's dressed in only a tee shirt and a nappy a very thick nappy but under the rubber apron.
The black soft rubber mask was placed on my face, it was gently hissing it's sweet gas, I took some long deep breaths and was soon spiralling down into the black depths and felt myself letting go into the nappy.
It was a deeply relaxing but exciting feeling, but it was cut short by the deep black sleep.

Loved your story sounds like we have loads in common and would love to chat & share experiences. I still thoroughly enjoy wearing & wetting my terry nappies & plastic pants which still find very arousing, how about you. Would love to hear from you please email if you can I am on edenisparsons@ao.com I am sitting here in a very wet terry & pink plastic pants looking forward to hearing from you. Denis

When I was young my brother was a bedwetter till his teens, There was always terry nappies and plastic pants around our house.

One time I was home alone and looking for a clean tea-shirt to go out in later and in the
airing cupboard there was a stack of clean washed nappies and pants.

I suddenly got very curious about what they would feel like to wear.
I spent ages trying to fold one like I had seen my Mother do hundres of times.
Eventually I got it pinned on in a rough fashion and decided to put a pair of the plastic pants over them just for the full effect.

The effect was totally electric, I'd never felt anything quite like that feeling before, the thick terry between my legs and the soft smoothness of the pants covering it.

I realised time was getting on and quickly removed them again, I was quite shocked by how I felt wearing the nappy and pants, after all big boys don't wear nappies do they?

I started sneaking a pair of plastic pants into my bed at night and would wear then over my underpant, then put them back in the morning.

This I always enjoyed, but it never quite felt like the full nappy and pants feeling.
I resisted doing that for a long time through the fear of being caught by my parents.
Eventually I could resist no longer and spent a few nights in the full monty, always returning the pants and nappy back early in the morning.

I was totally smitten by how good it felt to be wearing a nappy, but terrified I would get caught dressed like that.

That feeling never faded and I would borrow the stuff quite often, one morning I overslept and my Mother came in to wake me up for School.
As soon as she left I slipped the nappy and pants off while under the covers and left them there meaning to put them back later on.

Unfortunatly for me it was washday for the bedding and when I came home from school the nappy pants and pins were sitting nealy folded ontop of my bed when I entered my room.
I waited all evening for something to be said about this, but it never happened.
Not untill it was time for bed, Mum as usual took my brother to his room and got him into his nappy for bed.
She then came into my room and said, Why were those in your bed this morning?
Are you having some sort of problem?
I was bright red with embarrisment and shook my head to mean no.

I could not say much as I would only get in more trouble for the many times I had worn it before.
Mum wanting answers to why I was doing this was getting quite angry by now.
If you want to wear nappies let get them properly folded and on you, she said.

I dare not look pleased about this and protested tearfully, but my Mum just folded the nappy lay it on the bed and told me to get undressed.
While I was doing this Mum dissapeard only to return with the big tub of nappy cream from my brothers room.
I was told to get on the nappy, she applied the cream, all the while I was crying and protesting, but Mum just carried on as I had seen her do hundreds of time with my brother.
When the nappy was pinned tightly with four pins I was told to stand up.
Mum then put the plastic pants on over the nappy, made sure it was all tucked in and said, don't take that off till morning.
I still crying was trying to say what If I wanted the toilet before then, she just glared at me and said it's a nappy, that's what it's for.
Mum pulled the covers back and pointed that I should get in the bed.
She left me still crying and feeling very sorry for myself.
I definatly didn't want to wear this nappy, not under these circumstances.

As I lay in bed I comforted myself with the feeling of the thick nappy and smooth plastic pants, and thought this feels OK, but how can I ever explain that to my Mum, I just can't.
I don't need to wear them, I don't wet the bed, so I should not wear them. should I?

I wondered if I should actually wet the nappy as my Mum suggested, then thought better of it, I assumed she would go mental if I did.

I eventually fell asleep and it was soon morning and Mum was in to wake me up.
As soon as I opened my eyes I remembered the whole fiasco the night before and had a quick feel only to find the nappy and pants still on me.

Very sheepishly I got out of bed and Mum checked the nappy as she removed it.
I'm surprised this is dry she said.
That only confused me even more, should I have tried to use it?

Nothing happened untoward the whole day till bedtime, a fresh nappy awaited me on the bed that night too.
I got the same treatment as the night before but without the tears.
Unlike my brother I was not taken to the bathroom before getting wrapped in the thick soft nappy and instucted to pee, but was told it was to stay on till morning.

Shortly after I was left alone I realised I did indeed need to pee and tried to let go into the nappy, but years of using the toilet would not let it happen.

The next few hours were an incresing battle between my brain and my bladder.
My bladder was full and uncomfortable, but try as I did my brain would not let me let go.
Eventually I was in severe discomfort, but I could not make myself let go in the nappy.
I fraustration I ended up kneeling in my bed trying to ease the pain, when suddenly my bladder won, It started with one little spurt of pee, that was followed by another, then the whole lot just came gushing out, nothing I done would stop the flow, so I just held still as the pee kept comming, making the warm spot on the nappy grow ever bigger, it felt great. I mean really , really good. the warmth spreading the relife from the pain, the terry cloth getting damp and eventually heavy.

When I had stopped wetting I just sort of flopped front down onto the bed, only to find that my penis was rock hard, but covered in warm wet terry cloth, almost involentery I found my hips thrusting forwards driving my penis into the nappy, this felt even better so I carried on rocking backward and forwards but keeping my weight centred on the warm wet nappy.
After a few minutes this very strange feeling came over me, I thought I had done serious damage to myself and lay quite still listening to my heart pounding.

After a few minutes all the heat of the moment had subsided and I realised that I was now going to have to spend the night in this very wet nappy.
I lay awake for a while thinking about what had just happened, but eventually sleep overtook me.
Mum woke me up next morning, well she though she had I was already awake lying in a cool wet nappy that was now itching quite badly, but pretended to be asleep.

I really didn't want my Mum to see that I had actually used the nappy, but on her insistance I eventually sipped out of the bed to stand there looking down at the floor with a heavy wet saggy nappy.

You have used that one I see, she said.
I had too I said almost crying.
It's not much fun beeing wet and stinky, is it? Mum said.
My head was reeling from the events last night and I almost said something I should not have and left my reply a little to long before shaking my head in no.
Mum took the nappy off and told me to go and shower.

There was no nappy on my bed that night, but in my head there was a deeply seated yearning for one.
This has never gone away, it returns like an itch you can only scratch one way.
I did get caught wearing a rather wet soaked nappy a few times after that but those are other stories.