Right Now

I'm sitting on the couch, the laptop is on my lap.  I'm wearing a Depends with the three tapes on either side.  I just drank a big glass of water, and I haven't peed in the toilet all night.


I've soaked 3 diapers so far.


I'm reading stories about people who've been in situations where they had nowhere to go. 


I feel bad for their embarrassment.  I'm sorry for their inconvenience.

And then I try to stop myself from losing control.  I'm successful for about 5 minutes, then my crotch has that nice warm feeling to it again that keeps happening tonight for some reason, and I can't figure out why ;-)


I've got somewhere to go.  Right here.  Whenever I wear a diaper, wherever I go, I've got somewhere to go. 

And while it's not a permanent solution to my need to pee, it allows me to put it off enough to finish writing this and read a few more stories.

Stashu Stashu
31-35, M
1 Response Mar 10, 2010

I remember reading on the internet somewhere that when you feel all warm and nice in your crotch... that you've had a visit from the pee-pee fairy. Maybe that's what happened to you. I believe I've experienced the same thing on more than one occasion. It is quite the pleasurable sensation. And it proves my point, too, that this is a "renewable resource". You can experience that nice warm feeling over and over again. Mmmm.