Trusting Disposables

I have been wearing diapers for 30 years now, at first for fun, now out of necessity. I love wearing diapers but yeras ago when I first started to become incontinent I had some horrable experiences with diaposables that leaked. This led me to wear cloth diapers and plastic pants 24/7 for years. A few years ago my work went from a four to six hour day to a eight to ten hour day three times a week. I'm a CPA and have my own bussiness also at home. I did wear cloth diapers to work and had to change at least once a day. This was a problem and a friend introduced me to Bambino diapers. I started to wear them to work a loved them. No problems with leaks[ I still wear plastic pant to be safe[. We have gone on a few trips and have worn disposables 24/7 with out a problem. Now I wear a Bambino or a Abena 24/7 and only cloth on ocassion. I love my disposables now and the horrors of a leaky disposable is in the past.
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I would also say that the disposables today are so much better i also love bambinos but also have been wearing ab universe super dry kids they are a great diaper you can wet 2 or 3 times before changing also the new wellness brief is awesome again 3 wettings before changing and no leaks then there are dry 24/7 very thick and wet all night or day before changing I always love cloth diapers and plastic pants bt these disposibles today are great. I would love to be added as your friend

I also wear disposables. I have no problems with them. What I does not love is pull ups because if you are on trip it is difficult to change. I love very thick diapers.

It would be fun to leak together.

Disposable diapers can be very bad or VERY good the cheaper they are the more often you need to change, how a diaper fits is just as important than how much it holds.... things like waist bands and leg gathers are very important.

I wear abena at night and thay have never leaked so I would have to agree with you as for bambeno never tried them

I have always heard good things about Bambino and Abena x-plus diapers.