It All Depends.

I just wear depends max. there cheap and hold up preety good. would like to find one that can hold a couple of good pees though.
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1 Response Jul 23, 2010

I have been wearing store brand "overnight underwear", labeled as maximum absorbency, overnight once a week or so for several months. Providing I don't drink too much water before bed they seem to make it through the night. By weight I am talking 1.5 pints (US). Mind you I wear a plastic safety panty over them and I use an incontinence pad under my bottom just to be sure (I am not interested in doing the sheets every time I wear). Too much pee too fast and the gussets at the leg are likely to leak before the absorbent la<x>yer gets it. I sleep fairly soundly on my back. When I wake needing to pee I start in the front by rolling on my stomach for the first go, then subsequent ones on my back. Wearing undies under the disposable can help and it sure feels better to me. If my first pee comes within 90 minutes of going to bed, then I know I have to use the toilet to empty as it is a sign I went to bed to full. After that I stay in bed and trust my diaper. I hope this highly technical comment will help, but in truth I am all wet.