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Funny how people view this fetish. Most of us live it in the closet so to speak, and we go to great lengths to hide it. We order products on-line under false names, rent mail box's, and drive untold miles to different towns to purchase our wears.
You all know the feeling......please don't let me walk into this store, and bump into someone that I know holding a bag of diapers. I know it's crazy, but when I'm in the store I almost get the fight or flight adrenaline rush. When my purchase is complete, and I'm back in the relative safety of my car I get a rush of endorphins. It's intense, and hard to describe. Hmmmm, I got off track a bit.
I've been around the intenet, and I've come to the conclusion, that if you can dream it up, somebody gets off on it. I've never hung on hooks only supported by my skin, and never gotten aroused by balloons. But some people do, and I don't have a problem with it. To each his own, and if that's what makes you happy "go for it."
So that's what brings me to the meat of my little blog. Why is my little fetish of wearing diapers so taboo? Almost no one can say that they've never worn a diaper. Virtualy everybody does from birth to 3 years old, and if you live long enough, odds are you'll find yourself in them again. So think about it.......No mater what your age, sex, or race, you've participated.
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Like ABDreamz said, Diapers are a choice of clothing with a practical function. I see most of the "issues" people on here face are little more than an extension of fear. Fear they won't be accepted when they have yet to fully accept themselves.<br />
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My advice to people is simple: Accept yourself and don't worry what other people think. Chances are good they simply don't care.

@hoppybaby - It's true, there is a certain amount of fear and adreniline that comes from buying/ordering diapers, and yes, it is probably because society has told us that adults don't act this way... Truth is, it's like you said, if you can think it up, it exisits and someone is into it. Last night there was a program about robot fetishes, or guys that are sexually attracted to female robots for sexual partners. That fetish is in its' infancy, but there were guys on that said they've had this attraction since they were kids, much the same as I have always felt about diapers. Personally, it seems like they've got more problems than we do since you can't wear a robot, or take one out to dinner. In addition to that, they've got to spend like $12,000 to get a prototype that can barely serve the functions so we should be happy we can be satisfied with a package of diapers, not matter what the fear is about buying... The rush afterwards is almost always worth the cost of admission.<br />
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@rustyzipper - it's all about the stress relief... For real!<br />
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@smilinbare - it's all about the stress relief #2 .... For real!!<br />
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@topbilling - like you said, it's not like we're snorting coke. There are so many things other people do that are so much more nasty & oddball. I really do think (sometimes) that we are just in fear of what other people will think because that's what society has told us to think. MANY (not most) other people probably could give a rat's *** what we do in our choices of underwear - and that is just what it is, as you said... It's our choice - as in ME choosing to do what I want to do that hurts no one else. And, yes, if the kids find out that dad loved to wear diapers, well, then hopefully they'll be old enough to just understand that I was a little different than them, but I was still a proper parent to them, no matter what I wore.<br />
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It's all good, guys. We're not as despicable as we sometimes think we are... Personally, at this point in my life, I could care less what anyone else thinks. I do what I do for me, not for them. On the other hand, I don't rub it in anyone's nose either, as in, I don't force others to have an unwitting knowledge of my secret life by trapsing around in poopy pants. In the security of your own home or behind closed doors, you should be able to do whatever you want, but out-an-about you do have "the greater good" to consider. It just make sense to keep weird stuff to ourselves, or in like-minded company. If someone decided to fart in an elevator, rather than hold it, they'd get my nasty looks, too.<br />
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All for now - diaper on dudes!<br />
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Yep, but it's not something you're "supposed to do". It's yukky. You're wallowing in your own body waste. And boy, does it feel good. I don't wear mine too often, but there's nothing as relaxing, and stress-relieving as having on a diaper, and getting that warm glow as it fills with hot pee. Mmmmmm.