Disposable All The Way

Disposable diapers are plain better. You get that nice baby odor from them and you don't have to wash them. Just wrap them up and throw them away once they are used.
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I agree, cleaning cloth can be messy.

<p>&nbsp;<p>Agreed, though you'll find many died-in-the-wool cloth-diaper wearers that will vehemently disagree, sadly. </p>
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<p>I think the only bad diaper is one that leaks PREMATURELY, meaning you must know what you're wearing and adjust accordingly.</p>
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<p>I'm 95% disposable myself, but use cloth diapers or training pants as inserts since they do a great better of asboring quickly, but then can quickly wick into the disposable when you sit, etc. Full-on cloth diapers, on the other hand, can easily get fully saturated (2-3 wettings) and then squish out of your plastic pant legs when you sit, leaving you with tell-tale moon crescent wet-spots on the back of your pants (a dead giveaway to anyone in the know including co-workers/boss/kids/wife/friends/etc).</p>
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<p>For that reason alone, FOR ME, it's disposables (converting to gel in most cases...) and plastic pants, with either baby diaper (cloth) absorbers, training pants, and/or hand made contour inserts. They give you the advantage of quick absorbtion of full pee flow, but quickly wick their saturation right into any decent disposable, even a Depends or an Attends.</p><p></p>

So true that's all I wear

I wear disposables and goodnites for my bedwetting