I Like To Wear Dresses/skirts

Last weekend I revealed to  my girlfirend that I like to wear women's clothing....she found that idea highly erotic and asked if I would like to dress up and make love to her....I said YES.  Now that I have found that women's clothing make me feel sensous and arroused, I when shopping today and bought  a nightgown that could pass for a dress....I did not stop there, I first bought a pair of high heels, then some panties and pantyhose.   I felt so liberated that I can hardly wait to tell her while I dressed up.
I wore a pair of panties all day and felt good. I enjoy it so very much.  I want to raid her panty drawer and closet and dress up for her, then take her into my arms and make love to her while dressed up.  I only dress up in private and only with her/for her/for me.  I have never felt this way before, so comfortable, relaxed and in control of me.  Before i would get nervous just being in the ladies department especiall in the intimate section...now all I want to do is look and see what I want to wear..for me.

I finally  have come to terms with who I am and I love the way womens clothes make me feel and look forward to getting dressed...
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5 Responses Jul 25, 2010

Glad to hear it! Girle on!

Glad to hear it! Girle on!

Great ! pleased you have someone to share it with. As a woman who lived with a guy who loved wearing womens things I know how difficult it can be to tell your partner. Iused to love going out and choosing things with him . Did his make up and fitted nail extensions for him, taught him how to walk in his Stilettos. Weekends were his fem time and we made sure we had no visitors ! The sex was fantastic !!!!!!!!!!

I only reasonly have gotten over been nervous about my cross dressing it's only because of my wife acceptance

Good for you. Self acceptance is indeed a first step. I am glad your gf is with you too. Have a great journey.