Dresses and Skirts Ot Work

i always wear a dress or skirt to work. and i work with people who rarely do that. at first, people make an issue of it. its simply more comfortable. and i like girly things. skirts are prettier and softer. im happier with them.
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Thank you for sharing, and I agree that skirts and dresses look far prettier on a woman than trousers. It is reassuring to know that there are ladies such as yourself out there in this modern age where femininity seems to be dying.

That is your opinion, that's the great thing about e.p. all opinions are valid.

I think that women who wear a dress look more classy and far sexier than women who wear jeans. So carry on wear in your dress

Amen to that!

of cpurse they are

we should al wear them


I agree. I own several skirts and dresses and really enjoy wearing them when I am in places where I can.

Guess I'm a bit late to this but as a man I have been wearing women's clothes to work for a few years now.
I work in the UK and approached our HR department to ask if the company dress code would preclude me from wearing a skirt to work.
They were very supportive and since then I wear skirts or dresses, stockings and heels to work every day...it was such a relief to get it into the open.
I'll even wear thin tops that show my bra straps.
That gave me the confidence to take it further and I often go shopping in a skirt and put on most of my women's clothes in the men's changing room after using the gym,
You have to take your courage in both hands and say "what the hell...".

That's a bit of an assumption !
I exercise regularly and, if my sciatic leg heals eventually, I still intend to run my home town (Brighton) marathon, so I don't consider myself obese.
I wear a bra because I enjoy wearing one not because I need to.

hi my friend you made my day with this one just got myself some kilts for starters

the best hahaha sorry can.t help it good classic

I unload trucks for a living, It is at least ten degrease hotter in the trucks than it is outside in the summer. I break out in painful rashes, which I whish I could wear a skirt or dress to work.

Yes, skirts and dresses are so much cooler in the summer. I wear one as often as I can when its hot out.

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Keep wearing them Emily. The more women wearing dresses, the more they will keep making them, so all of us can have lots of style to pick from.

yes , i agree with u . i often wear dresses to work ,it's simple and comfortable , i loved dresses when i first wore it . there are so many dresses in my closet .actually , i bought dresses online, cheaper ,beautiful and sometime , they can give me discounts .excited.

I would like that I as a man could do the same, choose a nice skirt in the morning from my wardrobe go out the door wearing a skirt and wear it all day long at work.<br />
It would be so nice to feel the skirt around your legs and feel the freedom of it during the whole day!

Yes, its a bummer that it is not more acceptable. I have several skirts and a dress, and I wear them whenever I can, which is not that often.

Jenny had a friend that got me a part time job working in a small consignment dress shop in a nearby town. I wore knee length petticoats and skirts to work everyday. I was just suppose to work in the stock room. But she had me working in the window too. Women saw me, came in and wanted me to model outfits for them. The store sold more clothes because I was there, so I worked more hours. <br />
Anyways I felt better working in a skirt than those old stiff jeans we all have worn. Even tho I was being humiliated by customers, I still prefer skirts to pants

Definitely more comfortable, especially if its hot out. Good for you.

i prefer my assistant to wear skirts or dresses, i told her that right after i hired her and she was worn one every day since... i really like to see her thighs as she sits accrost from me to take notes.

yes i guess it could be called that :)

I always wear skirts or dresses far better than jeans or trousers, men notice girls in dresses.

Yes, we sure do! Unfortunately its often a rare sight now-a-days.

well i go to a group meeting for cd/tv/ts and had the police down for them to give us a talk and they said providing we are dressed like women we are allowed to use the women facilities eg toilets and changing rooms when we go shopping . i live in the uk

Interesting! I have never tried that. I have researched the laws here in the US a bit, but can't find much; it seems most States don't have any specific laws. I am sure this will change, given the high publicity trans-gendered people have gotten recently.

As an aside, you wouldn't believe the strange looks you get from guys when using the urinal when wearing a dress or skirt! It did take just a bit to master the "technique', but its really not at all difficult.

I dont really get the idea of skirts designed for men. I want to wear women's skirts. What's the point of buying a skirt for a man when I want to look like a woman?

My sentiments exactly! I love women's clothes, especially skirts and dresses and would never wear a skirt made for men.

Yes, I agree! You just can't find dresses or skirts in the men's department. Now skirts are no big deal, but it is next to impossible to find a dress that fits right on top.

I totally and honestly agree with you. I too perfer being in a dress or skirt and feeling totally girlish. I use to wear and share my sister`s dresses and skirts when I was young and that was my calling, where I had wanted so badly to pursue my feminie side and ways, but my family would not see it that way if they knew what my dreams and goals were in my pursuing a life style as a girl, though my sister and I were some what very close to each other, but she had a hard time understanding fully my wants where I had then fallen back into my hidden shell of my private world in living two sides one as a boy and the other as a girl. It wasn`t until I was in my adult-hood that come to terms within myself of feeling as a true person as a girl. Within my further years and hooking up to my EP sister, where she really made me see who I am truly within her support and has accepted me as her sister and family. where now even after a few turmoils with my own family these days, they now see that this does make me happy, but are still at times trying to understand me. It has made me feel better about myself in finally coming to terms and not having to hide and be paranoid as I have being for so many years and this I thank my EP sister for as she has being so fully supportive.

Kitten you are a Lady after my own heart, I would love to see more women and men go back to wearing skirts or dresses, Trousers have only been in style for about 300 year or so Basically it was a trend start by pirates. over half a million years ago Humanoids started wearing clothes Wrapes and skirts were worn by both sexes. So why is it that men are not aloud to wear dresses, Skirts and blouse in these so called modern times. <br />
I wear skirts & blouses or a Dress when ever I get the opportunity to do so. My neibours on either side of me know I wear female attire, I am a male but I have no wish to become a woman, nor have I put myself with another man. Dresses and skirt are soft graceful sensus and a pure delight to wear.<br />
Keep up the good work young lady my heart is with you.

I love to see dresses and skirts.<br />
Iwish more wore them.<br />
I bet you have great legs all the more to wear them.

i was born a boy but when i went through puberty i grew breasts, the doctors said i was 85 % female and 15% male and i should have been a girl. so i grew up with both male and female parts. my mother raised me as a girl and that was all i ever knew. in school i was a boy and at home i was a girl. i went to collage as a girl and never looked back. i have worn skirts and dresses all my life and i love them and i love being a girl, i work and play as a girl and have never had any trouble doing so. they are pretty, sexy and make you feel like the woman you should be, not to men-shin that all the men love to see you in them too.

Why don't you reply to what people say?

I am 100% crossdresser, and love wearing dresses and skirts!

Kitten , I am 70+ old man and i have worn skirts when ever the opportunity arises since i was in my early twenties. To me they are the most comfortable form of attire I can think of except being in the nude.<br />
It is a shame that more men and women do not wear either a Dress or Skirt & Blouse.. I love to see Both women and men dressed in a Dress or Skirt and Blouse. I am straight man I don't hide the fact by putting on wigs and make up. when I wear female attire.<br />
Keep up wearing your skirts young Lady and thank you.

kitten i see your point, and i have heard of some desingers making skirts for men. If you want to talk to me some more about wearing skirts let me know

arent they? i see that youre a crossdresser. do you know that some designers have designed skirts for men? they were kind of like kilts. but they did't go over well. you'd think that physiologically, men would prefer skirts.

i have worn dresses and skirts myself they are quite comfy

i do a variety of different things. if i wear a short skirt, i wear thigh highs or tights. i have even worn leggings, footless leggings, or thigh high socks. sometimes wool socks or trouser socks with a longer skirt. but in the summer, i dont wear anything.

I LOVE girls wear dresses and skirts..Gosh.!it's so hard to find girls at work/bar/pub with such nice girly taste. Not saying girls dont look good in pants..but skirts/dresses are so womenly..n I just adore and find girls so attractive in them...kitten you should stick to ur taste..& Kitten, trust me, men like to see a girl in a girly way, no matter what!.Just like the way u girls like a man to be a manly man!!