Shopping For Christmas Outfit

tonite after work i went shopping for a new outfit for the holiday season. i love j.c.penny's. always the sales ladies are so helpful.. i got a new skirt. it is a beige with a gold pattern in it. about 2 inches above the knee. fits great. also a dark red pullover top to go with it. looks good together. also bought another short black skirt. cant have too many skirts i think. lol it is 3 inches above the knee. it is fuller, so i will try to wear a garter belt with it. should hide it well till i am ready to show it! love dressing femme!!!! :))
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3 Responses Dec 7, 2011

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I think we would get along great together, as I love panties, panty hose, too. I just love being a fem

j c penny's eh? I should try them. I have always gone to walmart for stuff, but never a dress or blouse. they never have anything nice at this one