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They Are Fun...

I just adore wearing skirts or dresses; they are so much more fun to wear then pants. It is such a great feeling to wear a skirt; I feel stronger, more comfortable and I love the feeling of femininity I have when I wear one

While I have a fondness for short skirts, how can you not, I love long skirts. I always have, they are so much fun to wear. My closet is filled with all types of skirts and dresses; one of my favorites is my long black velvet skirt. I just adore wearing it.
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I wear dresses and skirts often, I also wear silk french knickers and stockings under my dresses.

Everybody regardless of physical gender should be able to wear a skirt. Skirts and dresses DO NOT come with a gender attached just a label different societies place upon them. A woman, as you all know, can be just as feminine in a pair of pants as well as a skirt. Well a male can also be just as masculine. It does not change who we are or the type of person we are.