What If?......

This is a topic I have always wanted to address.                    
Here's the setting:
In a purely fictional scenario, some how, some way, the World passes a law (for lack of a better..) and makes it TOTALLY acceptable for anyone to wear pantyhose. It is now %100 ok to wear any kind of hosiery in public for men and woman anywhere in the world with absolutely NO repercussions ever.
  Would men wear them?
Would women hand them over to men in succession, or would it be competetive as to who can look the best? 
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4 Responses Feb 17, 2012

I think this is a great question to consider. Personally, I would love to wear pantyhose openly without fear a repercussion. In the situation as posed, I'm assuming guys would dress in men's attire, but would wear pantyhose with a pair of shorts, or something that exposes their legs. In a situation like this, I would wear a pair of sheer pantyhose in a color matching my skin tone, in a matte finish. <br />
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There are pantyhose made especially for men, under brand names like Mantyhose. They model the hosiery on the men similarly as I described above. Granted, I think shaving the legs is absolutely necessary, but honestly, I think it looks pretty good on the guys.

i thank that most women i know would gladly give them to the men and be glad to be rid of them

OK well the men in the NFL are not wearing them because they look good and keep them warm they are wearing them for purposes in sport. You obviously have not read what backseam was trying to say. I think she was implying that all people to wear pantyhose for the looks and regular clothing situation.

I think mainly the effeminant men or gay men or cross dressers and trannies would be the ones to wear them.

Football is a very retarded sport and yes,grown men running around in lycra/nylon pants is absolutely ridiculous !