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I have to wear trousers to work, at a children's nursery, as part of the uniform. Trousers are so uncomfortable. I hate wearing them, and can't wait to get home and rip them off after a day's work so I can put on a lovely comfortable skirt or dress. Then I feel feminine and cosy.
Tibicina Tibicina 41-45, F 3 Responses Feb 21, 2012

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Wear leggings.

How do you think boys feel except they are never afforded the option of putting on a skirt or a dress, not even loose clothing similar to them. No it is from sunrise to sundown they are in pants, for bed they just change the pants to PJs, no nightie or night shirts. During the summer they get shorts, but are they not also pants with shorter legs.

Yeah, I feel sorry for them! But shorts are OK. Another reason to hate winter, Still, men are a different shape - their bums are not big in comparison to their waists. I think that's my problem - my bum is too big to be comfortable in trousers!

skirts and dress just like pants are different sizes, some skirts show of a guys behind just as some do for girls. Different styles of dresses do the same thing

Ohh, nothing worse than being in uncomfy clothes :(...I like skirts (long ones) too. but usually only wear them in warm weather, so I'm hoping we get a bit of sunshine this Summer to make digging them out of the wardrobe worthwhile.

Yeah, can't wait for the sunshine to get 'digging' in my allotment, (wearing a skirt of course!)

Nea i hate dresses and skirts! I prev jeans and t-shirts lol but i am a lady ofcorse he he