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I am a married man that shares a very open relationship with me wife( I do now).

I have been crossdressing for the past 25 years. As a young boy, I loved the way pantyhose wrapped my legs. When I would wear a dress I would feel so sexy, I wouldn't want to take it off. I still feel that same way.

I never thought my wife would be as into it as I am, untill I came home and found many of the clothes tat were now to big for her on the bed. She asked me to go thru it and keep what I wanted. I was shocked at first, not knowing if she was serious or not, until she asked me to please hurry cause she ad a good night planned for us.

Needless to say, I became instantly aroused. After picking out all the pretty clothes I was going to keep, she asked me to take a nice long bath, something I had not done since a boy, and to shave my les with a razor she had left ready for me. I eagerly complied and proceeded to the bath, having my body from the waist down.

When I finished bathing, I walked out to the bedroom to find this sexy red mini dress on the bed, along with a pair of white thigh high pantyhose and red 6" heels in my size. She asked me to put the outfit on. I could not put it on fast enough!!!!

After I was fully dressed she asked if I wanted her to put makeup on me. I had never tried it, but I was dying to do so. 20 minutes later, when she was finished, I was surprised and excited how I looked.

What followed, I am not sure if I can write it on here, as I am new to the site, but it was unforgettable. Many sex toys were there, and lots of lube as well. Ummm ummm ummmm. Unforgettable!!!!
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Fabulous sweetie<br />
Hugs<br />

Great story! I am so jealous of you and your accepting wife. My **** got hard reading about you getting ready. That has always been a fantasy if mine. To be taken by an accepting woman. Lucky You!