Because It's Me

I love long skirts and flowing dresses.  I love the freedom of movement, the brush of soft fabric against my legs,  and the way my skirts billow in the wind.  I love the way long skirts and dresses look: feminine, ladylike, and yet free.  I admit that there is something blissfully beautiful and a little mystical about a long skirt, and that that is part of the reason I love them. 

It is not the only reason, of course.  I have a style that is different from the norm, and incorporates everything from vintage 1940's accessories to Victorian-styles frocks to Renaissance Faire bodices.  Depending on my mood, my clothing may resemble anything from a late 1960's cotton sundress to a Gothic-Victorian gown.  But one thing is nearly always the same: I nearly always wear a long skirt or dress.  Somehow, they just fit who I am.
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5 Responses May 23, 2012

Yeah;I like women in long skirts myself ! There is certainly no shortage of "jeans ladies".

Go figure: I just read this posting, I just never read it before and yes this IS exactly how I have pictured you in my mind for so long. Like everything else about you I like it : )

Lovely post.

I have to agree. I wear them for exactly the same reason. i have one pair of trousers which I only wear when it is impractical to do something in a skirt.

About the only time you'll see me in trousers is if I have to go up a ladder, that's if I can find them. Otherwise, you'll have to look the other way.

LOL! That's the way I am... Knowing how to climb a ladder in a skirt came in handy during the years I worked at a Renaissance Festival.

What were you doing up the ladder?

I get my son to go up mine now, mind you I stand at the bottom holding it tightly! lol

Goodstory. Please post your photos which you are wearing longskirts, nighty, miniskirts, I like your sotries..........