I Had A Wonderful Afternoon...

Yesterday I had a wonderful afternoon. :)
I had a long white lace skirt on with a dark-blue patterned pantyhose over a black sheer underneath (both with a hole in crotch area, over that a white lace panty), a white sleeveless lace top (long enough to cover my butt and my **** barely) and a white see-through lace blouse over the top. I was walking on the sidewalk reaching a bus stop (I was walking to a little café near a public park) as a public bus stopped. I heard a knocking sound from bus, so I turned my head. I saw a nice girl looking at me, she smiled at me and waved to me. I waved back to her. I turned my head back to front (I don't wanted to collide with someone) and did a few steps as I heard the knocking sound again (at this time the bus started to continue the tour). I tuned my head again, saw the same girl blew me a kiss through the window, and again she gave me a wonderful smile. I was so pleased and smiled to her too, then the bus drove away. I continued walking to the café, and had a wonderful afternoon (with the image of that nice girl in my mind, blowing a kiss to me through the window of the bus). I enjoyed it to walking to the café in public in bright daylight in that clothes. And i was not ashamed about wearing a long skirt (almost see-through like the other clothes I wore) in public.  :)
Later I had a little fun while sitting in the little café for a cup of coffee (or two), but that's is another story: EP Link

(By the way: today I wear the same clothes I wore yesterday while writing this story in a public library in my town, and I enjoy it so much!  :)  And later I will go shopping in a grocery store...)

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1 Response May 24, 2012

Are you sure this girl did not give you the look of utter disgust ?!

Yes, I'm absolutely sure! No girl that be disgusted of a man in girls clothes would blow him kiss...

Go for it! Try it, and a lot of nice girls and women will glance at you, some with a smile on their lips (but not all of them course), some other will stare at you. Very exciting moments! :)
One day in a little café, I wore the same see-through clothes that I described in this story, I was sitting at a table outside drinking a coffee, as a woman sitting together with her girl friend at the neighbor table started a nice conversation (unfortunately I don't remember what we talked about). That was a nice conversation and she smiled the whole time at me. It seems that she was very interested in me...