I Postponed Wearing Dresses For 10 Years

I grew-up loving dresses and skirts, especially full-skirted ones. As I grew up I was very sporty and I enjoyed playing vollyball and walking and cycling, so there was no time to wear dresses. then i went to uni, this was hard work, parties were casual so there was no place for them either, then work, then the weather , then i had no time to dress-up. It wasn't untill two years ago that I decided i should really start wearing them. I started buying dresses and avoiding pants and casual outfits to build a waredrobe. now I have them, but no where to go. I think I will wear a skirt today and go out.
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2 Responses Jun 25, 2012

I have been wearing mostly skirts since I was 5yrs old. A person looks more like a girl in a dress. I find its easier to move and do things when I'm wearing a skirt too.

Totally agree

You don't need an excuse to look nice and dress in a dress ! Dress up a little, spend some time on yourself, and i bet you will feel better than you have in a while and people will notice it too. Xx