Pretty In Pink!

I just got home and have about 2 hours to myself, yay!

I decided to put on my white lace bra and panty set and a Hot pink nylon tank top with a matching chiffon mini skirt.

MMMMM I feel delicious and I feel my clitty stirring as I write this.

How I wish I could go for a walk around the block to the water and let the breeze blow my skirt up.

I'll have to live with standing by the back door and feeling the breeze there.

I also love how the tank top hugs me and my bra.

Ooh la la! C U soon ladies!

cdpattyny cdpattyny
3 Responses Jul 23, 2012

anybody here ? al men or few people ? i have not seen u for several days

so happy ,ur life is so tasteful, i like it .personally , i like wearing dresses very much ,comfortable and sexy . what's more , i bought dresses online , cheaper ,i also got custom dresses , so fit me ,i love it .