Cool Night Air

Tonight there is a nice cool breeze blowing. The cool night air blowing across my nylon clad legs feels so nice. I can feel the rush of cool air caressing me all over. The playfulness of the breeze teasing me. I take a few steps and a small gust blows my dress up just enough to feel the cool night air rush in. teasing me even more. So sensually intimidating.I decided to stroll down the path to the garden seating area and take in the stars. Between the stars and the sound of my heels as I walked something inside me was stirring.Another gust of wind came up. It felt so wonderful feeling the hem of my dress sliding up my legs.I actually twirled around. The dress flowed out and let in the cool night air. "Was this how I should be feeling?" I stopped and giggled "Yes!" It was so wonderful,this feeling, Alive!
christy2u christy2u
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8 Responses Aug 17, 2012

so feminine and so wonderful

dresses and skirts are very girlie....all the men i know love me in a shirt...they say i still have great it is ever airy in hot weather too wear dresses. lol

ur not a female u liar

Who are you calling a liar??? This person doesn't have to be a female to wear a dress or skirt !!!

You couldn't have described it any better!! :)

Oh yesssssssssss...skirts fluttering in a breeze..the sound of our heels...the feeling...what a lovely sensual...What a LOVELY Feeling.

Oh yes I understand every word. I love long Indian cotton skirts swirling around my ankles.

the feeling is so cool ,love it .

I agree its like a feeling of completeness

tha is so true of dresses<br />
<br />
guys can never experience that in trousers<br />
<br />
but it dos feel so cool and great