They Are Less Confining

I love wearing a nylon slips and panties under a dress or skirt and feel the air around my legs. I love when the wind blows my skirt and reveals my slip and hope that someone is watching. I usually wear an A line skirt or dress with a button down front and leave a couple undone so when I sit it falls open to expose my slip and then play with it by rubbing my hand on it. It is such a grate feeling to watch the attention I receive from men and some really seem mesmerized and don't stop starring. Now days, not very many women wear slips and I think a lot of men miss seeing them on women. Wearing a nylon slip and panty, you never have to worry that your skirt will ride up and it hangs better also.
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I do wear dresses & slips but would be embarassed if my lace showed.

YES , I to love the feel of a silky slip along with my short skirts and the wind blow my slip,& skirt against my silk thigh highs.

Hi Abrey<br />
I wish there were more women like you. Wearing slips under the skirt can make those ******* views more exciting. Do you use every opportunity to flash your underwear or do you have favourite places? I can understand that men would stare at the view you give them and I am certain that if you squatted down opposite me I would be staring up your skirt for the longest time.<br />
Keep wearing those slips and flashing your panties

Hey - you sound like one horny desirable lady ?

I totally understand these feelings. I love them too, plus a long cotton skirt around my ankles.

Don't ya just love the feel of a long cotton skirt around your ankles, it's such a nice feeling.

I am delighted Abrey that you love wearing a nylon slip and panties under a dress or skirt. It is wonderfully refreshing to hear that you do given the general trend to the contrary these days. I believe a nylon and lace slip and silky nylon panties together accentuates a womans inner femininity beautifully and is a wonderful depiction of her feminine softness. A peeking slip or an accidental viewing of a slip due to windy conditions or particular circumstances is a beautiful sight. A button through dress such as the style you wear ideally enables you to show a portion of your slip. Rubbing your hand on your slip would fuel the sensual allure and the attention of admirers. You definitely got that right Abrey, men undoubtedly miss seeing slips on women. It is such a great pity that women generally dont seem to realize this. From your own experiences you can attest to the benefits of wearing a lovely slip. Further, i believe a slip is a very powerful instrument for a woman to utilize advantageously as she chooses to do so. <br />
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Finally, i just hope i am within proximity of you one day Abrey when you are showing your silky nylon and lace slip.<br />
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Thank you so much for sharing your story. I loved it.<br />
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i like wearing dresses ,comfortable and cool . i often buy dresses online , what about u ,any experience to share ?

While I am not an expert on womens undergarments I can say that I would be attracted to anyone who is dressed up slip or no slip. I, too, just love it when people are staring at me when I'm wearing my best dress suits, so I can understand your enjoyment of people "staring". It raises my arousal to new heights.