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Soon after i was divorced i discovered some of my x's clothes left behind. among them was a pretty satin lined lather skirt. It was just above the knee and very sexy. i have always been into x dressing and couldn't wait to try it on but alas i could not raise the zipper. My x was very petite. What a disappointment. Living without adult supervision (mature women in the house) for the first time in my life left me to explore new horizons. It wasn't long before i was ordering all kinds of lingerie through the mail. Among the articles was a real wale boned corset. after lacing it up tight i couldn't help but wonder, would the lather skirt fit?. I slipped it up over my heels and nylons into position. Then pulling gently on the zipper it slipped right up to the top. I was elated. I was now the same size as her!!! What a pleasant surprise!
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Very nice story, how nice to get 2 or 3 inches off your waist line! I am curious to know how you ever managed to lace yourself into a corset all by yourself? All I've seen the lacing is in the back and definitely needs someone else to lace it up and tie it tightly. I would so love to try something like that to rid myself of the blimp I've carried in front of me all my life! LOL!! Every previous attempt I've made has ended up ruining the garment by bending the stays all out of place!! I currently have and sometimes wear a cotton/spandex pull on gartered open bottom girdle to hold up my nylon stockings but still have that age old problem of "roll-over" on my big belly!

I could reach the laces because they were right on the small of my back. Just took both hands and pulll strait down. It took some practice to tie the bow. It felt so good

yummy, sounds like a beautiful collection.

Yes many times, unless i was wearing on of the many other fem things i aquired. Thos were exciting times! Wish i could go back.

I dont remember the exact size i was but i think i measured 29 or 30 inches without the corsett and like 28 after. It is still a sweet memory

It certainly is. Did you wear the leather skirt again?

That is a nice surprise. How many inches was your waist reduced with the corset?