I'm A Guy Who Wears Skirts And Dresses I Secluded Areas And At Home

I love how skirts and dresses feel, I'm only attracted to girls. I wore many types of dresses but only a few skirts. I have wore normal casual dresses, short dresses, prom dresses, wedding dresss most of them I also wore in the shower, bath, sucluded part of a lake or river because the feeling is just amazing, I destroyed the wedding dress after it got coverd in muck when I was wearing it wondering in a river a part of the river I did not know and loved destroying that wedding dress
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Like some other people on here, I love to wear skirts and dresses and do so almost every evening. I tend to stay indoors when wearing my skirts / dresses as some of my neighbours are homophobic.

I have read that up to 10% of all men wear skirts / dresses or some form of women's clothing. The same incidence of homosexuality exists amongst men who wear women's clothes as the rest the male population so there are lots of straight men out there who enjoy wearing some form of 'women's' clothing - I like to say they are not women's clothes, they are mine.

Like many men who wear skirts / dresses I have done the midnight street wondering thing! Gone through the guilt trips and dumped all my 'fem clothes'. Still haven't figured out why or why I felt guilty. I now know that there is nothing wrong in wearing attractive, comfortable, fashionable clothes that just so happen to have been intended for a woman. It's just that some sections of society feel unsure of themselves and somehow threatened.

I own dozens of dresses and many more skirts that your average woman. If it wasn't for the feeling of being at risk of being assaulted - which may well be more in my head than reality - I would wear skirts dresses much more frequently and probably most days of the week.

Lesley , after reading your comments i had to say hii and tell you that I agree totally with you , I had every ideam of female clothing from panties and bras to over colats ,the GUILT trip would hit and i would drop them off at the clothes cllection center . Two to three weeks would go by and I would start a new colection, isn't it so wonderful to shop ? The only thing the purging did was coast me so much money, kept my outifts more up to date ,lol, and helped me find how much i enjoy sharing with sales assistance that they are for me , this is the best treat , the trembling joy and excitement when i makenew friends in the stores. well don't want to bore you but hope to hear from you Penny

Hi Penny.

Thanks for replying to my comment. Yes the purge. Don't do it any more but it used to be a regular thing. Yes it did keep my wardrobe on trend but the expense!!!

I buy most of my clothes on line these days either via eBay (what a blessing eBay is for dressers) and some catalogues here in the UK. I also love to buy from shops websites and then collect in person. Just saves queuing with an armful of femme clothes lol.

I do however buy femme clothes off the peg and I fully agree with you about the trembling joy. a mix of butterflies of fear, anticipation and excitement. When I first started buying clothes in shops I used to be a trembling wreck but I am more able to control my nerves these days.

I'd love to chat Penny.

Outside the US that 10% goes waay up.

Wonderful article Sis, thank you for sharing.