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A Previously Unrecognized Joy

I used to wear jeans almost exclusively but things change. Now I wear jeans for a few hours each week for horseback riding lessons and that's it. For the rest of the day I am in a skirt or a dress. I have taken to wearing skirts and dresses to the exclusion of all else for the last several months (5 months? 8 months? I wasn't really paying attention. lol) and I am feeling more feminine and girly than ever before. It's a feeling I treasure and it is building my confidence. I never really felt sexy before but I do now more than ever before. It's wonderful! I really enjoy wearing long skirts but have been trying to introduce different lengths for variety and to see how I feel in them. I like pencil skirts because they look so good on me. I would love to find a sweater dress that looks great on me and that will keep me warm as the weather turns colder. And I have discovered the joy of boots for fashion instead of just for working around horses. This is a new side of myself that I am thoroughly enjoying and it never would have happened if I had not had some....encouragement. I never would have guessed skirts and dresses would have this big of an impact on me!
ACuriousStudent ACuriousStudent 26-30, F 5 Responses Nov 2, 2012

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[I inadvertently mis-keyed something so an incomplete version of this may appear. Sorry if it does.]

Good for you for exploring new tastes and styles to suit yourself!

Most of the women I know socially wear trousers of some sort, typically jeans, casually. Maybe for some it's a change from wearing smart but plain dresses at work. Yet when they choose to dress for something like a semi-formal dinner, they do so very elegantly without ostentation or overt sexuality - though as a man obviously I notice them! - and I wonder if for some it is as a refreshing change from the plain work-skirt and the casual jeans?

On my side as it were, I'm in plain trousers and T-shirts for work and play, so it is a change for me, a sort of treat to myself as well as respect for the company I'll be in to wear a suit and tie when appropriate (usually funerals and dining out). Perhaps many women think the same for themselves?

As for Pixiecutlover's misanthropy - of all the many men and women I have known and still know in my various work and social circles, I cannot think of any to whom such a sweeping insult (about control and superiority) would apply. Or am I lucky in the circles in which I move?

I too enjoy wearing skirts and dresses. But I do find I need to wear pants for some activities like yard work, camping, hiking, climbing ladders, etc.

yes skirts look more feminine, I rarely wear jeans, never like them though I like shorts, but I always love skirts, Pencil skirts are also sexy as it nicely highlights outline of below waist

I totally agree, pencil skirts are awesome. I love how flattering they are and they are usually of a length that makes them easier to wear than some of the shorter skirts. And thanks for commenting, I love getting comments:-) lol

Good for you! Your feminity is asserting herself & this world needs more well dressed ladies.

Curious, as a man who prefers dresses to jeans I can totally understand how you feel about them :-) I don't consider myself a "woman trapped in a man's body"; it's not some sexual urge for me. It just feels so much more relaxing to have a skirt flowing around my legs. I think the world would be a happier place if everyone wore dresses!