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i was born male but ever since my sisters would dress me up as a girl when i was little i have always felt more comfortable in female clothing than being dressed as a boy. i have never worn mens undies since i moved into my own place at the age of 15 and went through high school always wearing girly undies and dressing fully female every halloween.since then i dress more and more often and have started on hormones to grow my breasts and make myself more feminine looking. im currently 39 and working towards living full time as a female...
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I like your story, and I think, if I am right, that being force feminized has little or nothing to do with you wanting to be a gurl. I suspect, from your story you would do it willingly and given the choice do it instantly. Am I right? They should have an experience like " I would willingly become feminized given the chance.

Hehe true but being forced to do it holds a special thrill all it's own

Well to each their own, but you don't have me convinced by ant means.

It does sound like you are well on your way as a woman and that is great. Hormones will certainly help ... at least they did with me.

heheh i cant wait until my breasts are big enough that i fill out my bras without having to use my silicone ones

I know the feeling Anne! ;-) That is part of the benefit that caused me to start hormones, breasts instead of forms, but they also work all over including add a bit to my butt and hips, softening the skin, and the list goes on. I think of what hormones have done to me and I call it my second puberty, but this time I got it right.

hehe ive heard about how they help make the skin softer and the body more feminine ....and im so excited to get things going ...

Exactly Annie!!! Believe me hormones work on the whole body and you'll be pleasently surprise no doubt, as I was and am. It is exciting ...

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I have been wearing women's clothes for a while. Though usually a more andodrogyous feminine look then full out female. I am currently using hypnosis for breast growth.

has the hypnosis been working for you? if it has what ones are you useing hun?

Breast enlargement by cheetu has definately been working getting bigfer and crazy sensitive. Also using a couple by hypnotist dawn that really helped in just letting the feminine personality out.

ok ill have to try that one and see what happens ,heheh anything to help me become more feminine ill do ..

I have worn womens clothes since i was a young boy. im married but still enjoy to dress when i can. if i had my time again i would love to do the same as you. hormones and full time dressing. i do like to be made to feel like a woman.

hehe i just love feeling like a woman ...