A Phone Shopping Date

I think it would be interesting to go into maybe a kmart or target and be on the phone with somebody else who is dress shopping as well.

I would talk as if I were describing the different lingerie & dresses to my girlfriend. That if the easiest way I know of to keep people from tripping out on a man buying womans apparel.
Patricia699 Patricia699
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4 Responses Nov 22, 2012

I want the salesgirls to know I'm shopping for myself, they are almost always helpful, don't be afraid girls.

it really doesn't matter to me either when I go out dress shopping (hasn't been for quite a while). If I notice I am not getting the help I need & deserve as a customer, then I ask for it & use the girlfriend line only if somebody asks. although it is neat & kind of interesting to see the look on ladies faces while I'm buying lingerie & dresses.

maybe they like my taste.

why would people need to trip out they have no idea who you are buying the clothes for

I just do it at this point. People are going to think whatever they want regardless so i say who cares.