Husband Has Chosen My Dress For Christmas Day

Husband has said he has be bought my dress that I will wear for Christmas Day,. although I think I will be spending quite some time in the kitchen.

He said he has also bought me some new knickers, stockings and a suspender belt and I will wear my ballet pumps in the day and change into heels at night when we have visitors around.

We are going shopping next weekend to buy his children their outfits for Christmas.

Just wondered if other partners had special outfits for Christmas?
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Is he buying them for himself ?.

I just can't..smh

To each her own. Still think he is controlling you. There is a difference between going to the mall together to mutually choose a dress consensually, and having someone arbitrarily choose something for you band then demand you comply.

What the hell are you doing with this control freak??? How do you ever expect to be your own person around a a$$hole like that?

There are some of us, who like being told what to wear and what not to wear. This has absolutely nothing to do with someone being a control freak. My husband chooses what I wear every day.I do not feel at all that I am missing out on anything.

I am in a taken in hand relationshops, this is not a control freak. My husband chooses for me and I submit to his choice.

@mellowcathy: thank you, well written!

I agree with Mellowcathy. I've read many of the dominance stories. I've never noticed any of the husbands, boyfriends or, masters treat them bad. Let's be honest. It is the slave in these relationships that have the ultimate power. They can say no anytime but, choose not to. Because, they love doing it.

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Just thank God for having a caring husband for me its still early