So Girly

  I hated them growing up,but for some reason this year I have been wearing them almost everyday.I love how girly I feel in them and I get noticed more often by cute guys:)Plus I just like to look nice. 

blackcat blackcat
22-25, F
6 Responses Aug 1, 2008

Dresses and skirts are such a turn-on. I love wearing a nice short miniskirt and heels.

I don't know how u feel about trany's like me. However that's why I luv to wear them.

I think that all the ladies in dresses is one of my top five favorite things about Japan. The States just does not have enough women dressing like women.

Im happy u have returned to wearing dresses as there is nothing more feminnin

Bet that you are a knockout in a dress!

yeah you have grown up good on you and i bet you look ice as well go get them xx