Knee Length Dresses.

I never wear trousers to work due to a dress code rule, I would not wear jeans or trousers anyway.

I have always preferred wearing Dresses and Skirts since I was about 18 years old.

I always wear an underskirt as I do not feel dressed without one.

I probably dress like a 60 year old even although I am 32.

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Well I wear a knee length slip under a skirt or dress every day as well and I'm not 60 ! 35 actually but I have been wearing skirts only since I was 24.

Until not so long ago ALL women did after all !

I'm sure you look great!! sounds very sexy!

You don't dress like a 60 year old. You dress as someone who has class and style who likes to be feminine and a girly girl. That's to be admired, not criticized. Skirtsand dresses with slips underneath convey a positive impression all around.

I still like to tease within reason.

Do you ever wear a petticoat?

A woman in a dress or skirt always looks smart and feminine!

Far better than jeans or a trouser suit.

I totaly agree.... I hope its stockings under the dress too!

do u wear high heels if so how high???

Never more than 4" heels as I am quite tall anyway.

I quite agree, my wife always wears dresses and skirts both at home and work. Good for you :-)

Anyway, what is wrong with M&S and Laura Ashley. They aren't frumpish really.

It's important for me to feel pretty but it's more important for me to be comfortable. The right blouse and boots with my jeans makes me feel just as sexy as when I'm in a mini. Don't worry about it, just dress in whatever way makes you comfortable.

<p>You should try skipping the underskirt and see how you like it. While nonone would ever mistake you for 60 there's no need to give them any such excuse. PS How long are your dresses and skirts?</P>

I love wereing dresses and skirts i have nice legs or atleast that what i'm told and i do think its a good thing to feel pretty. i mean i do were pants but i just feel like for me i feel more feminine. especially with a great pair of shoes. i like high heals as a matter a fact i'm wereing my favorit platform pumps now as i type. I think the right dres makes me feel like beuity queen ( i said feel not actually look like) lol