The Other Day At The "spa"

I wore a very nice cocktail dress, with my red panties, a blue lace bra, and a purple "choker", and the men that I met, actually liked it.
Patricia699 Patricia699
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3 Responses Jan 7, 2013

I'm actually thinking of going there later this evening. I have a coupon for 1/2 off a private room, so it's only $15. but, I want to wait until around 11am so that I could check out the local dress-shops along the way and find something nice to wear up on the sun-deck.

If I don't feel too nervous, and actually do it, I'll even take a few pictures. I promise.

There aren't any women at this spa... only men... I learned to be selective, and only journey by the pool, steam-room, and work-out center once per visit. 98% of the men walk around in nothing but towels.

What did the women say?