My First Skirt /dreess

my first memory of wearing dresses was as a child when i had run out of clothes ecause i had wet or messed them and my mum dident have anymore clean ones  for me,so she woul put me in my younger sisters knickers and dresses , and that was the start ,i got put in to nappies and rhumba

























when i was little,my mum put me in my younger sisiers knickers and dresses,when i used to wet myself as punisment, larer on she let my hair grow and put my hair in ribbons as well,when i got bigger she put me in to school knickers,but when i was put into a childrens home ,it stoped untilli was allowed home for holidays my mum put me back into knickers, and t felt right.when i was sent back to the kids home it stoped and i missed it so when we usedto playgames  i tricked the girls into brushing my hair in girls hair tyle and putting my hair in ribbons and calling me a girls name,i also wet the bed and when the     people who looked after us run out out of pyjamas for me they put me in spare girls pygamas,and by then i wanted to be a proper girl but couldent be,so one day i was up stair when one of the girls was puting her clothes away on the landing and i wathched her .when no one was about ipinched a pair of her school knickers and wore them,inthe bathroom with the door locked it felt realy smasing  bacause i was wearing knickers and i had stolen them out of a girls washing. and so it went on for a  while      as i progressed, the more i took .and one day i was wearin g one of the girls swimigcostume in the bathriom when i got caught red handed ,i hasd fogot  to lock the door,then i was draged befor the man in charged and i got the riot act read  .but nothing    happend,for some time afterthat,    so that was the start of it  

sissyknickers sissyknickers
56-60, T
Aug 23, 2008