I Found Something Agin, That I Really Want...


Currently i have only two skirts, one is casual, and one satin skirt, with a little lacy, but all is short type. I decided i need a long skirt... and i want to use that on the street. Something like that in the picture, maybe want another type of flower design... but this is awesome, i want something like this, completely, and a lot of spirit to wear it openly :D , but the spring and the summer seems a little far... so i have time, to increase my spirit. Maybe, i didn't need to worry about other peoples opinion, just wear it. I hope one time maybe some fashion designer realize, thats good for mans too. Truly, rise the hand up, that guy who want to boil his balls... I think i never see a hand in the air....  So, i still waiting for the better weather, because now i can warm my soul only with some sexy underwear or dress... 


VivienXX VivienXX
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5 Responses Feb 13, 2010

Well, few woman know I have great sense to style specially women's style, I love when they ask my help, or we just go to shopping together. I can spend hours in stores. Can be lost hours inside a store which have a lot of clothes and dresses... <br />
<br />
Of course have a few woman in my life, who hate me for that, don't know why, maybe they are just envy few of my clothes.... Can be happen.... They don't know how much I envy for them, because they are simply just women, they got, what I not....

beautifull skirt.

i have a skirt very similar to that

Sadly, i not jet get it, just planing, but I'm pretty sure, i will buy it sonly. Its Per Una from Marks and Spencer.

Nice skirt were did you get it