Skirts Are Great.

I think skirts are great.  They are much more practical and comfortable than trousers.  In the Summer, they keep you cooler, they feel much more comfortable when wearing them, do not get hooked up around your legs and you can always wear tights with them in the Winter.

Rock on skirts.

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6 Responses Feb 27, 2010

I concur with most of the writers here. I have gotten rid of all of my pants and now wear nothing but skirts. I have gone everywhere in them. From Akron,Ohio to Youngstown. From Kmart to the auto junk yard. It is a great feeling, to feel the wind caress your thighs and up to your anal regions. Of course mens underwear don't do justice to a nice skirt so I've also switched over to panties exclusively. Guys you should try it, women love it, some more then others.

SKIRTS are so much better!<br />
<br />
Anything BUT men's apparel

Cowgrilfan: We are men that wear skirts. Give it a try, you might like. If you are man enough to try skirts, you just might like it. Keep On Skirtin' .

I couldn't agree with you more. I don't wear them, obviously, as I'm a guy, but I sure like seeing women wearing them. And, yes girls, us guys are always wondering what you ladies are wearing under them. Yes, it's a mental tease, but it goes with being a member of the male gender. And you girls could enhance the teasing (and your girl power, as well) by telling us... if you see us checking you out. <br />
Skirts on women Rock!

I agree with you. Skirts are so much better than pants. As I live in So. Cal, I wear skirts Full time. I like the feel of air down below.All my skirts are 2" above or below the knees. I hope you enjoy your skirts as much as me.

I AGREE ! with that if every man would try on a skirt or a kilt on a hot day they would stop wearing shorts