Hiatus From Pants.

For almost a year I took a hiatus from pants. I was exclusively wearing dresses and skirts. It got me in touch with my feminine side that's for sure. I love spinning around when wearing something that flows! Long hippie type skirts are my favorite. I have one that was white, but I tie dyed and always get compliments on :) 

MissSunfire MissSunfire
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7 Responses Mar 15, 2010

It is very sad that there are people who judge like that.

Good hint on thrift shops. We , wife and I picked up a beautiful blue skirt and a pair of nylon shorts for me a few days ago. I cant wait to go back and see if anything new has come in. Real cheap too. Less than 5 bucks. dampbottom

Wish they still made circle skirts!

i love the hippie look skirts and dresses, i've got quite a few now

The last year and a half i have not used pants except for a half a day on Xmas & my friends kids b-days because of his family ( they ***** abought it ) 4 days out of the year !!! <br />
Yes thrift stores are so cool find a lot of good clothing there !!!

I am such a thrift store junkie! It helps lol Thanks :)

I wish I had enough skirts and dresses to take a hiatus from pants... I hate the way I look in pants, but I don't own enough other solutions to take a hiatus. Congrats for you!