My First Pair

The first pair if stockings I bought for myself was a pair of Black Aristoc fully fashioned seamed stockings.
They were so exquisite and sensual to wear and they look so good on. Very elegant.
charlie1960 charlie1960
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I often wear Aristoc stockings along with pink silk french knickers.

So you I'm getting the impression you felt........... Amazing?

He he. Yes you could say that. ;)

Oh you are lovely.
My daughter took a chance a few years ago on facebook and announced to the world she was a lesbian.
I am proud of her........ Proud of you too. x

Good for her. It's so good that you are proud of her also. It makes it so much easier for her having that support. I'm proud of you :)

She is my baby, it doesn't matter what choices she makes as a grown woman. I love her regardless. And she is an amazing person.

You sweet man are too amazing :)

That's a wonderful and right way to think. So nice to hear that. :)

You know what Prince Charlie?
Who ficken cares?...... Good hearts are hard to find.
You are Gold :)

You're right. (( hugs)). :)

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