I just bought a nice white silk garter belt, I have been wearing it all day. i feel so sexy!
SoumisCH SoumisCH
46-50, M
1 Response Aug 17, 2014

My mother wears garter belts all the time. When I was 14 I asked if I could start wearing nylons and she took me shopping and bought me some pantyhose. I asked her why couldn't I have a garter belt like hers so she let me pick out a white and a pink one. When I started wearing them to school or to church some of my girlfriends asked about it and wanted to know how it felt so I told them. Some of them tried it and told me they liked wearing them.Once I started dating however I was totally sold on them. The first time I had sex I was wearing pantyhose and bikini panties under jeans. My boyfriend and I got really hot and I just let him go ahead when he started taking my jeans off. The sex was great even for the first time. We didn't have sex every time we dated but one night we were going to a party and I was going to wear a skirt. I put on a garter belt with matching bra and panties. After we came back to my house. My mom was gone for the weekend and only my sister was home so my boyfriend and I started making out. we have a spare bedroom in our basement so we went there. He pulled my skirt up and put his hand on my butt which always turned me on. I dropped the skirt, took my blouse off and got in bed with him. we were both getting really hot and pretty soon i let him slide my panties off. we always use rubbers but this time he was really hot and so was I so he just got on top of me and we started. He was absolutely wild and took me in about three different positions. I came like I never had before. After I asked what had gotten into him and he said it was the garter belt and nylons. So......I continued to dress like that always. Also, I was lucky and didn't end up pregnant so from then on, garter belt or not, I always made sure I put a rubber on him.