I'm A Playtex girdle Girl,

 My momma started me at age 14 wearing a girdle and hose. I didn't need one, like Mom, but fads are fads. In order to be tight at all, I needed a XX small. Her fav was the Playtex rubber girdle, so that's what I was fitted with. It didn't take long to get used to the constriction. I got to like being girdled, because I was then a "grown up". Saturdays, if Mom and I were home alone, it was just Mom and I cleaning house in just our girdle, bra and hose. I'm 42 now and still clean that way. Except now I have to wear a diaper under my girdle. My girdle now has a purpose though. Due to a auto accident at age 18 and many back surgeries, I need my girdle. When Playtex quit making the rubber girdles, Mom ordered us a bunch. She's gone now, but not all of her fine girdles. I still have 14 of them, plus a bunch of others. I take great care of my Playtex, every time I take one off, I powder every square inch, and place it in my "girdle drawer". My hubby gets turned on when he comes home from work, to find me cleaning house in the same attire as I wore when helping Mom.
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If you could spare one i would pay a good price for one. /my waist is 40"

I don't actually wear girdles but I wear waist high skin tight control thongs, I wear them tight up between my bum, this feels very sexy worn with suspenders and stockings under a knee length skirt, this type of knickers are so sexy to wear, I mean they are really right up my *** all the time and they stay up tight and snug all day.

that would definately turn me on seeing that

I would love to be with special friends, as all of us were wearing our Playtex rubber girdles! I sooooo miss those wonderful girdles!

when i was 14 my mother bought me some pantyhose and two panty girdles. One was a long-line and the other brief with detachable garters. She told me I should start wearing nylons with dresses and always with a girdle. So I started wearing pantyhose over my panties and then a girdle. When I started dating she insisted I wear a girdle even under slack and jeans along with pantyhose. I quickly found out why and rhen my older sister who had been given her first nylons and girdles a couple years earlier, clued me in. She told me that mom figured if we wore girdles then boys would never get into our panties and she also told me that she took the girdle off after she left the house and put it into her purse. She also said that getting pantyhse off especially in the front seat of a car was a hassle so she started wearing garterbelts and stockings on really hot dates and that way she only had to take the panties off. I caught on and started doing th same thing. When I strted getting into sex she let me borrow a garter belt and even gave me a couple rubbers along with instructions on how to put one on a guy.
I kept wearing both girdles and garter belts and still do. I actually like wearing garter belts and nylons because they feel sexier and guys love them. I sometimes have even worn them under slacks even though the garters sometimes show through.
I usually but not always wear a panty girdle with pantyhose and sometimes with stockings.

ever worn a diaper under the girdle, and slowly drip in it during the day? It will keep you arroused all day.

I LOVE Playtex girdles! (Wish I still had some that I purged.) Always eager to share Playtex experiences and stories!

Oh I how I would love to come home from work and find someone like you waiting for me.

I'm sure he does sweetie<br />
Hugs<br />

Great story. Your hubby is a lucky man. Isn´t it a lovely view when one comes home and sees the wife in her girdle. Just an idea: if your hubby gets turned on by your girdles why not let him have the experience of wearing a girdle? Maybe he will like it. Lots of men do wear girdles.

he should, you dont know what i would give to have a woman wearing a girdle and hose for me