Aunty Mary's Shop (29)

One of Aunty Mary's customers, a Mrs Goodwin, was the only person apart from Mary and her sister in my home, to know that I was not a girl and that I was dressing up in female clothing. She had blackmailed me into visiting her on one occasion and said she would tell everyone about me if I didn't visit her. I did go to see her and I was satisfied she would not tell if I kept her "happy".

Now we had heard from her a second time. She had rung Mary and said it was about time I went to see her again. Mary said that I had better go and see her. I was wearing my false front bottom under a open corselette, with my usual support stockings together with some rather fancy french knickers. I had on a layered half slip and a flowing skirted dress. I also had on 4" high heels, which I had been practising with for a few days and now seemed to have mastered.

When I arrived at Mrs Goodwin's she asked me in and said how pretty I was looking today. She had on a long dress with seamed black nylons showing beneath and high heeled shoes. She showed me through into her bedroom and apologised for telling me previously that she would tell other people about me. She said I would never do that whatever happened, but I would appreciate you coming to see me now and then.
She explained that she had a dislike of men but that whilst I was dressed up she could accept me as a woman. She also said that she could not accept lesbians either and so I was a sort of in between that she could accept and that she desired some sort of a relationship and that seemed to be the only one open to her.

She was interested in my fondness for women's underwear and asked me if I would like to undress her to find out what she had on underneath. I said I couldn't wait to do it, but asked her if first of all she would walk over me whilst I was lying on the floor. She seemed amused by the idea and said if you like. I lay down on the floor with my layered slip bunched up around my legs and she straddled me and stood there. I could see right up her dress and slip. I got hold of her nyloned legs and stroked them. Looking up I followed the seams on her black nylons up her legs until I could see the suspenders holding them in place. Above the suspenders and the white of the top of her legs I could also see the crotch of some very wispy knickers and I pushed my arms further up her dress and touched her knickers and gently rubbed them. I could tell she was excited as they were a little damp. I lifted my head up grasped her nylon clad bottom and gently pulled her down until she was kneeling either side of my body. She then lifted up her dress and inched forward until her dress and slip were completely over my head and then she settled her knickers right onto my mouth and nose. The smell was heavenly and I stuck my tongue out and pushed through the nylon of her knickers into her dampness.

She moaned and I could tell she was enjoying it. For myself I was getting quite aroused but it was well contained within my artificial front bottom and I knew if I came, whilst she might be aware of what was happening, perhaps she wouldn't mind if she didn't see anything and just accept it.
She began pushing her body more and more on my face and almost smothering me. She stopped and said are you OK? I said I said I was really enjoying it and she recommenced. After much pushing and rubbing the gusset on her nylon panties became quite wet and I realised that she had had an ****** and I came immediately after although I don't think she realised. She got off me and laid on the bed and I thought she had gone to sleep. She then opened her eyes as I stood over her and said that is the first time that I have experienced an ******, I had long wondered what it would be like and it was absoluterly masrvellous - thank you so much!

I took off my dress and slip and leaned over her and started unbuttoning her dress, she lay there with a smile on her face. The dress unbuttoned all the way down and I opened it out on the bed on either side of her. She had on a lacy white petticoat and I pulled it up over her head and took it off. She was wearing a white corselette with stretch straps. I put my fingers under the stretch straps and pulled on them a little to make her breats move up and down. The corselette had very firm panels over her hips. It had a satin front panel which had a front zip and came up to the satin cups which had beautiful embroidered tops. Down below it had six suspenders which were framed by her knickers, now visibly wet on the crotch.
I leaned over and kissed her on the lips and then further down on the cups of corselette feeling her erect nipples and lower still on her wet knickers gusset and then on the top of legs above her black stockings. I could feel her shudder and she said Oh - Im having another ****** already!! She closed her eyes and lay there for a few minutes and then looked at me and said how ever can I think you for making me feel like this? I never thought that I would ever experience such feelings and she pulled me down on top of her and started kissing me. I became aroused again as our shiny corselettes rubbed against one another and I could feel my support stockings rubbing on her nyloned legs, not to mention the feeling our suspenders catching against one other and I came again. She said did you just have an ******, and I had to confess that I had. She said Oh that's quite fantastic to feel that we can both do that with just kissing, feeling and stroking.
To be continued
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I love older women who get horny and want to be played with. They love being dressed in girdle , stockings, bra, and knickers and want tyou to play with them and bring them to ******. Then they are ready to get peenetrated once again in their life after having been so long without it.
There definitely needs to be a sequel to this story. It is just getting interesting.

Another great story.