Aunty Mary's Shop (30)

When Mrs Goodwin had recovered from her two ******* (and I had too!) she said what shall we do now, looking to me to lead the relationship and she had so little experience. I said I'll tell you what I would like to do and she looked at me wondering. I said I would like us both to get undressed and change into one anothers underwear. She said Ok, but...... I said don't worry, we can get changed in different rooms and just pass the clothes around the door. I told her how much I loved wearing another woman's underclothes whilst they were still warm and had lingering aromas on them. She agreed and I went out of the bedroom and we both got undressed and passed the clothes around the door. I pulled on her still warm beautiful corselette, put my falsies in the cups and pulled on her black seamed stockings, followed her by her skimpy black nylon panties which were so wet in the gusset as I pulled them up my legs. Oh the smell oh her perfume on the clothes was wonderful!

I called out to her are you ready yet and she said she was. So I opened the bedroom and went in. She was stood there in my corselette with my support stockings and my fancy french knickers. I said to her you don't know how much I am enjoying your underwear and I can't think of anything nicer to do!. She said you underwear is nice too and aren't we lucky that we are the same size and able to wear one anothers clothes. I pulled her down onto the bed and we cuddled one another. She said I've got an idea she said and went to a drawer and returned with two pairs of long long silky gloves and we put them on. Stroking one anothers corselette and knickers and nyloned legs felt magic and before very long both of us shared the biggest ******* that you could imagine.

She asked if I would like to stay the night and I said yes but I would have to ring Aunty Mary and tell her. I told Aunty Mary all that had happened and she said I'm pleased you are enjoying yourselves and yes if you want to stay do so. I went back into Mrs Goodwin's bedroom and saod it's Ok. She had now got into bed, but I was pleased to see she still had all my underwear on and I got in and joined her. We still had the silky nylon long gloves on and we cuddled up again, stroking one one another. So we went through the night with one ****** after another until in the morning she told me she was so tired that she was going to stay in bed all day to recuperate. I got up and said I will have to go back now are you going to change underwear again? She said no, keep my underwear and we will swap some time else. So I put on my shoes and slip and dress and walked back to Aunty Mary's.
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Great story