Relaxing Around The House In A Girdle

I always believed that wearing a girdle was for getting dressed up going to a office, going on a social event, or just plain going out. I found out to my very pleasant surprise I was wrong. It took a few month of getting completly use to being in a well fitted long legged high waited boned and zippered panty girdle. At first I would put on a girdle and go to work, and also wear a girdle when going out, but I did not wear a girdle when just relaxing around the house. What I found out as I became more and more accustomed to wearing a girdle I was starting to wear a girdle more and more. It went from just wearing a girdle when going to work, to then going out for social events, to finding I was wearing a girdle to go grocery shopping, finally after quite a few months I found that I started to wear a girdle just relaxing around the house - in the winter around the house I wear sweats, but a girdle underneath the sweats, then in the summer I now wear a girdle and shorts.

What I found out is you just feel much more confortable in a girdle, and a girdle after awhile is not just for going out, but you get to the point where you do find a need to always be girdled no matter what.

Wearing a girdle everyday just becomes part of who you are.

Has anybody experienced this also?
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I recently wore a girdle under my suit since the trousers would not fasten. I enjoyed the tight feeling and having a flat tummy.

Phxpaulena; The key part of wearing a girdle is to number one keep your tummy muscles always relaxed. The other part is make sure that you purchase a girdle that is 2 sizes smaller then your waist and hips. The other key part is to make sure that when you wake up each morning you develop a regular routine of cleanng up and putting on a girdle - this helps develop a good positive girdle habit. The other thing to remember is to put on a girdle the right way, lay down on your bed, pull up you legs and lean way back then pull up your girdle hook up the hooks and and eyes and pull up the zipper. If you follow what I say here you will amazed over a few days to a few weeks the positive results you will have from daily wearing a girdle.

Thanks for the information. The one I wore was small as it belongs to my mom. I live at home and borrowed one of hers. I did enjoy the feeling of keeping my tummy tight and I felt I stood straighter. I have worn it a couple of times since. Perhaps I should invest in my own. Mother does not know I bored hers.

Phxpaulena; You really should invest in your own girdle. My advise if you can is to locate a Professional Corsetier for a fitting and some consulting it is quite helpful. With the help of the corsetier I am now wearing a girdle everyday no matter what and I love it. My back and stomach muscles are firmly well supported, and my posture has improved 100 percent, I found being girdled daily standing and sitting and just plain getting around is much more comfortable.

Hello Tom, over the weekend I purchased three maidenform Flexeese girdles. I purchased one in white, one in beige and one in black. I clerk at Macy's was not too receptive when I asked her what size I should purchase, but we got through it. I have been wearing them daily while at work and when I went out the other evening. They are comfortable. Now I no longer wear my moms!

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