Aunty Mary's Shop (32)

When Aunty Mary came home she said I see you have been doing some washing, it's about time you earned your keep. I said the shop was quiet so I sorted out some lingerie washing of mine and yours and did it. I had better go out andf bring it in for ironing. When I went out to the line a young boy was going past and I deliberately went down the line feeling all the knickers and watching him out of the corner of my eye. His eyes were popping out at the sight of all the underthings! As he went past I waved to him and smiled and he went red. I brought all the underthings in and started to iron them. Aunty Mary said you like doing that don't you. I said yes particularly your knickers!

She said I visited Lady Margaret XXXXXXXXX today. She used to buy all her corsetry and lingerie at Rigby and Pellers, the Queens corsetiere, but she can't now get to London. I have spoken to them and they say if I take her measurements they will send items of her choice for her. When they come perhaps you would like to deliver them to her. I said of course I will - thinking all the time is this an opportunity to see a real lady in her underwear?

When the corsetry arrived, Mary said here take this parcel to Lady Margaret.
If she needs any help I'm sure you'll provide it! I had to take the bus for the ten mile journey and then walk up a long drive. The maid showed me in to Lady Margaret who unwrapped the corsetry garments and held them up to look at them. She said thank Mary for doing this, I didn't think I would get any more from Rigby and Peller. She said my maid and I have had a good sort out though my corsetry and I have put a lot of garments on one side which are almost like new but don't fit me now - would you like to have them for possible sale in the shop? I said I am sure Aunty Mary would love them (and so would I!). She said come upstairs with me and I will show you. There's quite a lot of bags but my chauffeur will take you back home.

When I ghot back home I unloaded all the bags and carried them inside. I dashed in and told Mary what had happened and she said I suppose that you won't be able to wait to see what's in those bags. I said no and took them all into the bedroom. I quickly realised that Lady Margaret had been accumulating these foundation garmetns from Rigby and Peller for many years before having this clear out. I pulled out a corselette which had lots of satin panels and beatuful lace cups. It fastened on the left side with hooks and eyes all the way from the top of the bottom. Mary came in and said do you want some held with that? If so get undressed and take off your false front bottom because I have something better that I purchased today whilst you were out. I took off my dress and my slip and then my long line brassiere and my breast form, then took off white directoire knickers my high waist zipped girdle and removed my support stockings and false front bottom.

She showed me a full latex body that incorporated breasts and had a new false front bottom that looked so realistic. I couldn't wait to put it on and she helped me struggle into it and then fastened it all the way down the back. Now she said nobody would know you were not a girl as it blends so well with your own skin. She then got the Rigby Peller corselette and helped me into it. It had buily up shoulder straps, lace cups which fitted so well over my new breasts, satin panels and many bones down to long legs which incorporated three suspenders in each leg and an open crotch. There you are she said, what do you make of that? I said its fantastic rubbing my hands up and down the satin panels and over my bust. I opened the split crotch and looked at my front bottom and went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet and watched how my wee came out through the front bottom so realistically. I also realised that I could do a poo if necessary as my bottom was lined up with the split crotch at the back as well. I wiped myself and flushed the toilet and stood up and thought this is the most marvellous foundation garment I have ever worn. I put on my support stockings and fastened them to the hidden suspenders under the legs of the garment and said to Mary that I was never going to take it off again. She laughed at me and said that I would have to eventually or I would not be smelling very nice if I didn't have a bath or shower.

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Jan 18, 2013