Aunty Mary's Shop (33)

A few days later Mary said that she had an early morning call from Lady Margaret to say that her maid would be away for 2 days and could I stand in. Mary said it will be good experience for you working for a real Lady. She said that the chauffeur is bringing the maid into town at 10.00am and will pick you up and take you back to Lady Margaret's house at ten past ten. You had better have a shower,then get dressed quickly and make the breakfast. You must not wear all those restricting foundation garments today - just put on you latex girly body and find a nice white lacy brassiere and a suspender belt and wear some white lacy panties and . You'll have to change into the maid's uniform when you get there and I wouldn't want Lady Margaret seeing you in a long line brassiere and a high waist zip girdle with directoire knickers and support stockings!

The chauffeur picked me up and took me to Lady Margaret's house. When I walked in she said it's very good of you to come at short notice but I have got so used to having a maid around I can't do without her. I'll take you upstairs and you can get changed into your maid's uniform. She showed me her bedroom and then took me me into a small bedroom and said you will sleep here tonight and all your clothes are on the bed. I'l see you shortly downstairs. I took off my dress and slip and removed my lacy white knickers to put on the black french knickers which were on the bed. I then put on the flouncy white nylon layered petticoat and finally the short black maid's dress. I removed my stockings and fastened the black seamed stockings which had been on the bed onto my suspender belt. There were some shoes on the floor with 2" heels which fitted me and I put then on. Finally there was a small mob type cap which I fastened onto my hair.

I went back down and Lady Margaret said perhaps you would go back up and make the bed up in my bedroom and tidy up all my clothes which are out. The underwear you can put to wash in the box in my bathroom. You'll see where my outer clothes and shoes go if you look in the wardrobes. You can dust all the furniture and hoover the carpets when you have tidied up. I went back upstairs all of a dither to think I was going into a Lady's bedroom and would be able to open all her wardrobes and drawers and handle all her underwear, corsetry, lingerie and clothes. I spent a half hour going through her clothes particularly her foundation garments. They were fantastic, I'd never handled such beautiful shiny garments and her brassieres were out of this world. The only thing was that although I would be able to wear some of girdles and corsets if I got the chance, her brassieres were much too large for me being size 46 bust.

I went back downstairs and she asked me if I would dust the lounge where she was sitting. I found the dusters in a drawer and bent down to dust a coffee table next to her chair. I was sure my maid's dress and layered petticoat must be riding up over my bottom, but I was still surprised when she started stroking my bottom through the black french knickers. This immediately started my willy to rise although it was well concealed beneath my latex body. She said what a wonderful bottom you have my dear, do you like me stroking it? I replied yes it's nice and stayed there bent over. I had wondered what maid's did all day, was this it!

To be continued
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Jan 19, 2013