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When my Lady stopped massaging my bottom through my black nylon french knickers, I stood up and carried on dusting around the room. After lunch which I served my Lady in the dining room whilst I ate with the cook in the kitchen, my Lady said that she thought she would like to have a sleep and would I accompany her to her bedroom and help her take her dress off. In the bedroom I unfastened the zip down the back of the dress and let it slip to the floor and picked it up as she stepped out of it, You can help me off with my petticoat as well she said, and I took hold of the hem and pulled up and over her large bosoms. When I now looked at them hidden away in her long line brassiere it was all I could do not to get hold of them and mould my hands around them. She got into bed and I pulled the covers over her. I would like to get up again at around 4.30pm, perhaps you would come and check and wake me if necessary.

At 4.30pm I knocked on the door and went into her bedroom. She was just awakening and said I think I would like a bath now, would you like to run the water?She got out of bed and stood with her back to me. I unfastened what must have been 15 or 16 hook and eyes down the back of her long line brassiere and then eased the straps off her shoulders and and as she turned round to face me I removed the brassiere. I could now see her imposing breasts properly and I longed to touch them. She was wearing long leg cuff knickers asnd I eased them down around her hips and legs and she stepped out of them. Her Rigby and Peller corset had back laces and a busk front. She turned away from me again and said would you undo the laces please. I did so and then knelt down and unfastened the suspenders from her stockings. She turned back to me and I opened the hook and eyes on the front of her corset and opened the busk front. The corset slipped down and she sat down on the bed for me to take off her stockings. As i rolled down her stockings I was looking straight at her front bottom, although there was not much to see as she was very hairy. She stood up and I helped her into bathroom.

The water seemed the right temperature and she got in and sat down. She showed me where the bath creams were and I put some in my hands and knelt down by the side of her bath and started to wash her back. Now the front she said and don't be frightened of touching me. I put plenty of lather and then started rubbing around and over her breasts. she laid back in the water and said that's nice - please carry on. As I rubbed my hands around her breasts I realised that her nipples were becoming erect and she sighed with pleasure. Now go a bit further down she said and I got more lather and started rubbing around her front bottom. She sighed again and said don't be frightened it will not bite you and so I let my fingers explore a little and she laid there and smiled and said have you done this before girl? I said no and she replied well you are very good at it please carry on, and so I did. I then washed all the way down her legs and her arms and she said help me up and she stood in the bath and said will you now do my bottom and then we are finished. So I got more lather and rubbed my hand down her bottom.

I helped her out of the bath and put a towel round her and started wiping her dry with another towel. I paid special attention to her bosoms and her front and rear bottom until she was dry. She walked into the bedroom and showed my a long lacy pink nightdress which I put over her head and pulled it down right to the floor and then a lovely thick dressing gown and we went down into the lounge.

After the evening meal we watched the television which in those days was still black and white. Then she said she was tired and wanted to go to bed. I helped her into her bedroom and took off her dressing gown and she got into bed. Are you going to join me she said, I hate sleeping on my own.
I said yes, I'll just go into my bedroom and get undressed and find a nightdress. In my bedroom I took off my maid's dress and layered petticoat and than my wispy white nylon brassiere, unfastened my black seamed nylons and rolled them down, took off my black french knickers and removed my suspender belt. What shall i do now I wondered. If I leave my latex body on she might be suspicious if she touches it and it doesn't feel right if I take it off she might feel around and find my willy and balls and whilst she might like that, she might not.
What a problem!!

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The lady already knows you aren't a woman. Take it off so she can fondle your **** and play with your nuts. If she wants to do anything else, let her take the lead.