Aunty Mary's Shop (35)

I decided in the end that I could not take the risk of her discovering my willy as I did not know how she would take it. So I kept my latex body on and found a nightdress that was very full and flouncy and came down to me feet. I then got into bed with her and she said hold me. So I put my arms through and got hold of her immense bust and she weny to sleep. We both woke about 7.00am and she said you go and have a bath first and then I'll get up. I went in and took off my nightdress and my latex body. I bathed and then put my latex body back on, there wasn't time to wash it and then put on my flimsy white nylon bra which fitted beatifully around my latex bust. I put back on my white suspender belt and lacy knickers and my petticoat and dress.

Lady Margaret now got up and we had the same washing, playing, touching and diddling around as before. She got out and I dried all her bits and pieces. Helped her on with a long line brassiere and high waist girdle and fastened her stockings to the six suspenders. I put her on a pair of white directoire knickers and a white petticoat and then her dress. After breakfast she told me the chauffeur would take me home at 10.00am and then pick up her proper maid. She thanked me profusely and told me to come again some time and gave me £10 which in 1954 was an awful lot of money. She told me to give Aunty Mary half as she had kept me away from working in the shop and she may have to pay someone else to stand in.

When I got in Aunty Mary said after lunch I have to go out, will you look after the shop please? After she had gone out I saw a young lad, about my age hanging about outside and eventually coming in. I said can I help you? He told me he wanted a present for his mother. I said is it her birthday and he replied yes. I said what would you like - gloves, hankies, stockings or something else. He looked at me shyly and said something else. I said what - knickers? He blushed and said yes. I asked are you sure they are not for you to wear? He coloured up and I said it's all right if you want to buy some knickers for yourself I don't mind. I asked him if he had any other knickers and things and he said yes. I said shall I show you some different types. I held up some cuff waist panties, then some directoire knickers, then some knickers with elastic around the bottom that fitted tight around your bottom. He pointed to the directoire knickers and I said what colour - we have white, black, pink, blue and I layed them all out on the counter. I asked if he knew his size and he said no, so I said I would measure his waist. He was 34" and he picked a pair of white directoire knickers. I wrapped them up for him in plain paper and he paid my the 2 shillings and elevenpence. I said now if you want to come again, either I or Aunty Mary will be pleased to serve you - you might like to look at a pair of corsets, or a girdle or a brassiere. I asked him if had anywhere to hide his knickers and things. He said that he had and then thanked me very much and went off with his parcel.

When Aunty Mary came back I told her what had happened and she said that she had had men in from time to time some of whom had said they were buying for a relative and others who came right out and said there were for themselves. I said what do you think about advertising for men to buy "presents" say on Mondays from 6.00pm to 7.00pm with no ladies present, or at least if I staffed the shop there wouldn't be!! She said she thought it was a good idea and I could do that and said I should go to the newpaper straight away and put the advert in each week on a Monday.

To be continued
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Jan 23, 2013