They Feel Better

I love wearing girls jeans. Nobody ever says anything. They feel just awesome and i love the light fabric. But i do have a question that maybe someone can help with. I want to find some girl jeans with no back pockets. what is the brand name of some? I have been looking for several months now and can't find any.
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I have always been told I had great legs and great buns, and I liked wearing ladies jeans out. I found that most everyone didn't know or care. Now the ones with the designs and studs I would only wear out in dress, nice pair of heals or boots and all set. Now if you go out with no pockets or the zipper in the rear, then you better be in full dress.

I agree.

I too find that for some reason girl jeans are more comfortable. Why no pockets, you want to wear jeans so you can blend in and now you talking about removing the pockets. Unless you are going out in dress and can pull it off, then fine. The skin tight ones just to wear, scream crossdresser.

I have many pairs of girls jeans. Most blend in very well. But sometimes I do want to stand out as a cross dresser.

go to ross. I've seen some without pockets.

I will check out Ross!

That's great and like you I like the look and feel of womens jeans. As for womens jeans without back pockets, they seem to be a bit out of style unfortunately. So what I did was to buy a couple pair of jeans and carefully cut the stitching on the back pockets. Once they were done I washed them which removed the small holes where the stitching had been and wow! I now have several pair of womens jeans that fit perfectly and some don't have back pockets and some have back zippers.

Hey I like this idea. I will try it too. Thanks!

You're welcome ... it worked very well for me and it should for you too.

I agree; Rockies!! They are hot, tall sizes, no rear pockets, high waisted and very girly. Just be prepared, the girls will know you are wearing girls jeans!!

Isn't it great ... most guys just aren't that observant to know if they are mens or womens jeans you are wearing, but most women are.

I really don't mind if the girls know!!!

Well i think it kinda depends on the shape of a persons bum i think, but the number one reason for me is i see them as more femish.

I think you are talking about jeggings Woofle. Jeggings are skin tight and don't wrinkle but i am not so sure what you mean by sleek?

What is the name of the really sleek tight fabric You see in some girls jeans that is skin tight looks like Denim but doesn't wrinkle?? AB

google rockies jeans and you can see what they look like and who locally carries them

Hey thanks sissiegirl i will look for those!

rockies they are in most western wear stores