The Crotch Is The Sexiest Part About Girl Jeans

The tight, narrow and flat crotch is the best part about girl jeans. So smooth, leaving no space there at *****, no wiggle room between the thighs. The jeans hug every inch of my body, front, back, and right at *****.

I agree with most of you that girl jeans fit nicer and better (and tighter) on our legs and ***, but the best part really is the crotch and the front. See how girl jeans differ from men's jeans? Notice how short the zipper is? I love ultra-low rise girl jeans with a super short zipper (or no zipper at all on the front). Side or back zipped will be the best.

Jeans with no zipper on the front (with maybe only a button or two) make for the most perfect girly shape and curve, and clearly signal that they are girl jeans. No chance to be mistaken for "gender-neutral" or boy jeans. Absolutely girly. Don't you love that? Otherwise why bother wearing "girl" jeans any way?

I love how girl jeans hug my entire lower body, every inch of it, and how they create a girly flat crotch on me, whether I am sitting down or standing.

My body is not perfect, so I have to rely on the waist cincher and pads (on my butt) to achieve the hourglass figure.

The girly flat crotch is most obvious when lying down, or when legs are spread. The stretch fabric of the jeans will hug and conform to the girly crotch, so feminine.

Not to mention if the jeans are low rise, the waist of my laced panties can show through at the waist gap, slightly above my jeans.

The flat crotch curve is not only obvious when a girl is standing, but when she sits down it is also very visible, as the fabric will hug and follow her flat crotch. Every inch.

aliceleed aliceleed 22-25, F 8 Responses Jan 21, 2012

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Ever since I was a kid, I loved to watch girls wearing tight, light blue jeans, and the crotch is the favorite part. Don't know what it is about that particular fabric or colour that does it for me, but it gets me each time.

I love it more if you pee the jeans

i love the girl bulge and camal toe

I think the whole look of girls jeans is sexy, including when panties peek out of the waist band. But I wouldn't argue with you Alice about the crotch ... the way jeans hug and show off the crotch is certainly sexy. That is why when my wife got me my first pair of low rise jeans I started tucking.

Yes and yes, but only a totally flat girly crotch in tight jeans. I don't like the ugly manly bulge in tight jeans.

Exactly! My wife was the first to comment on that bulge when I first tried on those jeans she got me. We had talked about tucking before, but I had never tried it. Even though I'm on the smaller side in that department, the bulge was obvious and your right, it was ugly. But tucking took are of that ...

I've been an admirer of women in tight jeans since I was in the 6th grade, and it was their ultra sexy crotches I noticed first.

How nice! Did you notice the diamond gap (or cute triangle) at a girl's crotch even if she brings her feet together?

Isn't it great! I love the fit of girls jeans, especially through the crotch, and my wife likes seeing me wearing them too. I also have a couple pair that zip up the back which leaves no doubt they were made for women. If I am wearing those my wife has been known in public to reach around and unzip them, showing the panties I am wearing as well.

Have to agree Sis. Very hot pic's, thank you for sharing.

Besides loving the fit, I also love the girly embelishments that only girl jeans have