I Wear Girl Jeans

I love wearing girls clothes. I wear girls jeans all the time.  They fit much better than mens and I love the stretch fabrics.  They feel so good.

About a month ago I went into one of the consignment stores I like to browse in and found a pair of stretch black girls jeans.  I just had to have them so I tried them on and they fit nicely.  A little big but ok.  Since I've ;llost about ten pounds they are looser fittting but still ok.

I always wear panties under my girls jeans.  Sometimes I'll wear stockings and a girdle or tights in the cooler weather.  I love that the garter tab bumps stick through the fabric of the jeans.  I wonder who notices?
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The bumps are so sexy. I hope people notice!

I started getting girl jeans a couple of years ago, the difference is amazing. you can buy some that aren't a dead giveaway to being girl jeans. I have both kinds. very girly to somewhat unnoticeable. even several I wear to work. guy pants don't fit me right anymore

I wear Hudson, J Brand, AG, Genetic, Citizens of Humanity, Red Engine and Seven jeans. I also like MissMe, they are very cute and reasonably priced. I recently tried a pair of CJ by Cookie Johnson and they had a fantastic fit, they will be my next purchase as soon as I find them on sale. I also like Henry & Belle stretch jeans in all their colors.Veronica

Guy jeans are awful. Baggy and do not feel comfortable and I hate lugging all that extra material around. OK so I'm different but style has a lot to do with it as well. If you could just look at someone's body from waist on down I would bet the girls would still win because of how their jeans work for them. Lets face it, guys would prefer a beer over a pair of even good fitting jeans--its their macho thing and you don't mess with macho. Glad there are some who don't subscribe to that tired out "tradition".

i personally have a skinny figure and i want to wear something nice that fits me, so no, i don't fit in the 'traditional' and i love it! i feel like i raise the bar a little bit higher than most men.

Thank you Lee. Girls jeans really do fit better. Have you tried the skinny jeans? What do you think of them?

That's great, dear, and I know what you mean about girls jeans fitting much better, they definitely do and I haven't owned or worn a pair of mens jeans in years. My first pair my wife bought for me to match her's. We were going out and she insisted I wear them. When I put them on I was amazed how much nicer they were and how well they fit ... except I had a bit of a bulge in the crotch. That is when, with my wife's help, I learned how to tuck. ;-)

girls jeans excite me so much specialy when you wear thongs under lol

Is it the thong or the jeans you prefer?

jeans and thong lool

I know what you mean about girl stretch jeans, they are so nice to wear. I have three pair of Lee girl stretch jean, what brand do you wear jml ?

Hi Nita, I have bought the stretch jeans at Lane Bryant (their brand) and Fashion Bug. Also find them at the consignment stores. I've found sevewral brands including LA jeans and other brands.

Great jml and thanks...I am going to take a look at the Lane Bryant brand.

Good luck Nita. This time of year it's inventory and there are some great sales.