I think I have a nice girly round butt and it looks great on tight clothes.

I am a man that is masculine. But sometimes my girly side kicks in and I put on some girls clothes.

I love wearing girls jeans when I feel kinky and like to go out for a walk in them showing my perky butt around enjoying the looks of men and women. (I don't go out in dresses or skirts, just jeans since they show off my *** and that's what I want to show in secret, while still looking "socially normal")

I secretly desire to have my butt grabbed or humped by a horny stranger. Or even get a slap in my *** or a horny comment.

I wear girls jeans with girls underwear as well. I think it's all part of feeling sexy.

However, I still feel ashamed of wearing them in front of my girlfriend or friends or at school, since nobody knows I'm bisexual or that I enjoy these kind of things.

I secretly wish that my girlfriend accepted this part of me. I love her and having her having fun with my fetishes and supporting me would make it all perfect.

No complains though. She IS really perfect.

Guess I'll just work for it, right?
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You should share this with your girlfriend, she just might grant you your wish and put you over her knees and give you a good spanking in your jeans.

I'm getting closer to achieving that! :) . Thanks!

Ah yes, girls jeans ... they do fit me much much better that guy jeans ever did! And with a pair of nice snug fitting panties or even better, tucked and wearing a long-legged panty girdle, the look and feel is absolutely wonderful!
So your gf has never seen you wearing womens jeans ... too bad. I suspect that she might surprise you, loving seeing you wearing them. You should give it a try.

I might one day try hers just for fun. She loves my *** though.

By the way, shh, she actually has seen me in women jeans... they were just very similar to men jeans so she didn't notice, but my *** was still showing tightly haha :)

You can find a lot of girl jeans that aren't obvious, but yes, most do show off the back side quite well. As i continue wearing girl jeans, i think their smaller back pockets placement is the key trick to making butts look good. I find men's back pockets to look ill fitting and big.

Girls jeans do look good on a guy! And good luck on working for it!

Thanks a lot! I really don't think a guy shouldn't be able to show off his butt too. Though I'm still kinda shy to do it around people that might know me. ;_;

Well from my own experience I started wearing them around friends about 3 years ago. My friends are quite the rednecks but they just looked and said well they are jeans so no big deal. So I say try it..... but i do understand your fear.

Wow, that was pretty brave!