I started wearing girl jeans about 4 years ago when my "frilly" phase of my beginnings in crossdressing was leveling out, and started trying for a more realistic look but still cute. When I met a few female friends that loved my dressing and we started having fun with it and going out shopping, i found myself mixing girl fashion into my "normal" looks. now after lots of yoga and working out and getting fit and toned, and taking some feminization herbs, I find that guy jeans no longer fit correctly , and am happy to say that my pants and jeans of good looks and choice now come from the women's and juniors department!. I like low rise, and styles from straight leg boyfriend cuts, to the skinnies i have on with my new high heels right now! Love all the great differet fits and styles and colors! Quick stats-6'1, 149#, long legs, 4%body fat, very clear skin, and smooth. Green eyed brunnette. wear a 5 in juniors, transitioning from a 6 in regular to a 4 a little at a time
StephanieDan StephanieDan
36-40, M
1 Response Feb 11, 2014

Good for you Stephanie, finding out much better women's jeans look, fit and feel. And of course having female friends who are supportive, enjoying seeing you wearing girl fashions mixed in with your wardrobe and of course going out shopping together.

my fiancee loves it too!

Awesome ... congratulations!