Since I Can Remember...

I have adored girls leotards since I can remember.
Before I got my first I used to tuck my tee shirt into my pants and pretend!
I envied the girls in dance class.
I envied the gymnasts on tv at the Olympics.
IHave owned several over the years, the last one was plain black.
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6 Responses May 12, 2012

Ha, I'll remember to be thankful for you! I'm a gymnast and I ofcourse wear leos constantly.

My time wearing a leotard was my stepsister's black all nylon with short sleeves. I loved it & wore it whenever possible...then I discovered the joys of spandex. Now I own several...I sleep in them, wear them under my clothing and make love to the wife in them. Leotards rock.

Aren't leotards great! I love to wear them, especially the ones with a turtle neck coller that zip up the back. They look so good and I love the way they show off my boobs.

I love them also have had many over years but favourite was a bright red with blue stripes on the side seams

You should get more! your legs re very sexy in them.

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