I Wear Girls Underwear Size 10

its been 3 years i been weaaring girls underwear i love the way they fell and they make me feel girly
Nascardude Nascardude
22-25, M
4 Responses Sep 9, 2012

Go find a store called Justice if you can wear that small of a size. You won't be disappointed. If your not in the states, just look for their webpage and order from there....

Love nobu juniors sz. 8 boyshorts & thongs in pink!!!

I wear Hanes and fruit of the loom size 10 hipster and bikini

Mmmm nice!!! What colors?
What ya got on now?

Orange bikini

Assorted colors

I wish I could wear size 10 Girl's Panties

Me too.... I'll never be that small again... I can wear a girls 16/18 and a ladies size 5 though.

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Id like to get mine the same but it be really weird to ask a girl that

I like to wear hipster and bikini I got mine off of amazon there cotton

You ought to try nylon.... You'll never go back....

Yeah I'll have to think I'm going to get some tomorrow