I feel naked without them. I don't really look like me without them. Though, if I could do Lasik, I would. I have no problem going for a new look once in a while. But my vision keeps getting a little worse each year - they say in your 30's nearsightedness should level off or even improve, but not mine - so no Lasik. Plus, there is that little problem of the cost. Plus, my brother got the surgery and even after 3 adjustments he still has problems. Plus, with my dark frames, people think I'm all smart and stuff :)

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If your brother has had Lasik and had problems, if I were you I would never consider it because his problems could become your problems. I played hockey with a couple guys who had it and they are permanently screwed up vision wise: One can no longer drive and has to rely on his wife to take him anywhere he wants or needs to go and the other can drive during the day, but not at night. Both told me "don't ever consider doing it, because if they screw it up your screwed forever."My response to them was I actually liked wearing glasses to much to even consider it and would never let anyone start burning part of my cornea away to give me 20/20 vision. Stick with glasses at least you will be able to see clearly with them.

Wow. To be able to see my legs as I shave them in the shower. That would be a revelation.

your funny---keep that sense of humor

English is right. Girls in glasses are super hot.<br />
<br />
That said, I live my lasik. I love waking up in the morning and seeing. I love showering and swimming and running.<br />
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But, of course, guys don't look sexy in glasses.

Girls in glasses look hot - just remember that!